Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About How Scott & I Met?

I had this awesome roommate once. We were undergrads, young, and beyond fun. Really- the sun just rose and set on us. I know that this is hard to imagine, BUT I once lived on the wild side. & I shared housing with a friend who lived on the WILDER side. & together... we were a terrific mess.
So, this roommate- "Marie" and I went to school together, lived together, and worked together. How does Scott play into this? Marie was the reason that I met Scott. She had an ex-boyfriend who was life guarding at the local Air Force Base pool. She would spend her off-time on base, sunning and swimming (obviously, pre 9/11). One day, she called me- very excited- insisting that I come to the pool "TODAY!" because "They shipped in 500 Marines...with NO OFF-BASE privileges!"
Uh ladies....this means a serious lack of competition. I quickly donned the purple bikini and got on base-. I met Marie poolside. Wow. We both sat there scanning our options. Don't judge. When simultaneously our eyes landed on a marine wearing red trunks. "Dibs"- We said it in unison. I cringed. "Let's scissor, paper, rock for him," I suggested. We did and I won.
Scott, his friend Matt, Marie, and I spent a lot of time together that Summer and had the best time of my single life. Hands down. The best.
Towards the end of that Summer...Marie's joints started swelling and bruising..she was feeling fatigued. She went to our doctor who quickly diagnosed her with "Lupus"...and so Marie's battle began.
With our move to Florida- I lost touch with Marie- had been trying to find her via FB- to no avail. Now, that we are back- I tried again and found that she had gone on to meet her maker in July.
So, this, in Memory of "Marie"-
She is the most free spirit that I have ever known
She is the instrument that brought Scott to me and me to Scott
She is a part of some of the best times and memories of my life
With her went some of the funniest inside jokes EVER.
I will always love her and the impact that she made.
To Marie- May God Be With You Always.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Like Big Butts...

I like Scott and Chandelier too. Although, they are NOT butts - Chandelier IS trying to hide from the camera lens.
But, I DO like big butts and I can not lie. These cute butts belong to the horses at the recent tree lighting and luminaria lighting in Old Town New Mexico.
& there is the pretty face to go with the rear....
& the big tree
They like big butts too.