Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nicholas Mosse

A friend of mine invited us to meet with her at Nicholas Mosse. A pottery place.
It is a converted Flour Mill on the River Nore. The kilns are powered by the River Nore.

I wanted to buy more here than I did. But, it was Father's Day- & Scott didn't really want a Salad Bowl-

Train tracks in Newbridge to Dublin.

Mama and her baby- on our walk to the Liffey

Chandler's Crewe- Yes- they are watching a fight. I would complain- but I borrowed Chandler's book on Chuck Liddell. After reading it, I've decided maybe I have been too critical of the whole fighting thing. Who knew?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can't find the cord...

I would love to post the latest pictures. But, I can't find the cord...and the card won't fit...and no other cord will subsitute...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Elton John in Thomond Park

Last Saturday we had a wonderful time attending Elton John's performance at Thomond Park. I don't know how he put on such a fab performance. This place is an open air facility and the weather was ....terrible. Blowing, cold, rain.

Our bus back to the hotel was one of those double decker tour buses. - We got stuck up on the top, in the freezing, blowing rain. We sat on drenched seats and were being pelted by the wet drops. We got stuck in traffic for a good 30 minutes. Finally, the bus was able to maneuver out of the traffic and we picked up some speed. Because of the wind and speed, the umbrellas of our fellow passengers started ripping apart and the metal rods became flying torpedoes. Then, the men standing in the back were almost hit in the head by low bridges.

Luckily, we were with great group of people. One even (jokingly) attempted to be our tour guide. Yelling out points of interest on the she was ducking metal rods and swearing. We ended up laughing so hard I almost peed.

Good times!

Chandler tried to video the bus ride- It fuzzy- but you get the idea...

Trippin the Sixties- Barry McGuire & John York

Now that I am in a new culture, I learn new social rules and customs. Almost on an hourly basis.
Last night, we saw B.M and J. Y. perform in their Trippin the Sixties tour. We had a fantastic time. Have to say- it made me homesick.

Back to the rules- The performance was in an old theater- People had bottled drinks, but there was no bar. So, I thought it was BYOB-

I mean, this is a 60's performance. It never occurred to me that it was a " dry" performance. Never occurred to me that the others were drinking water, juices, cokes, etc.

So, I sent Scott to the grocery store across the street and he loaded up on the alcoholic beverages.

Basically, the rule I learned is that if there is no bar at the facility, that means that there is no drinking.
And that if you do drink alcoholic beverages, a polite man will approach you with a garbage bag.

And that you will have to hand over all beverages. And that this will be in front of many audience members. And you will know some of these audience members.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Amsterdam- Anne Frank

The most moving and sobering part of our trip was visiting the Anne Frank House Museum. The tour was incredibly emotional.

This is the bookcase that hid the entrance to the annex. After you enter, you go straight into a room & there are stairs to the right. There is actually a number of levels. There was a kitchen, one bathroom, etc. If you have read the diary, you get the idea of the layout-
There are still pictures that Anne mentions pasting on the wall in her Diary.
Throughout the museum, there is film footage, pictures, etc. of people being taken by the Nazi Soldiers. This area of Amsterdam, to me, looked very much the same as it does now.

The Museum's gift shop has stocked a hardbound, plaid covered diary. This one has copies of the original along with Anne's editing, etc.

This is the front of the house.
I am at a loss for words to describe the impact of this tour. However, I can say that for the entire time, I had a lump in my throat and a heavy heart. The films and pictures combined with the audio of Anne Frank's words were especially poignant.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Day After Trip

This may look like it sucks- But, it is absolutely the best. I LOVE hanging our clothes out to dry- The weather is beautiful, I can hear the lambs, and the air is fresh. However,when you take a gander at my stylin' outfit, it is obvious that I have run out of clean clothes

Amsterdam- Some of the Highlights

Beautiful Architecture and Canal
Chandler set his new watch to this clock- two days later, a tour guide told us that it was famously unreliable. I laughed. Most of the homes have hooks hanging from the middle exterior- This is to move furniture in and out of windows.

Scott is the frugal half of our union. It doesn't always work to our benefit.

There is a diamond museum in Amsterdam- Chandler and I were about to enter when Scott spots this place a few buildings down. It has a museum sign in front of the building. However, this one is FREE.

If you know Scott, you know that we had to go to the "Free" Museum.

When we entered, there was a touch screen computer which asked a few basic questions- After we answered, we were allowed in. There were some posters describing how to grade diamonds. Also, two gentlemen were polishing some diamonds. A "Tour Guide" introduced herself to us and explained the grading, cutting, and polishing process. After which, she indicated the rest of the tour would continue upstairs. Guess what was upstairs? Not an educational tour.

A salesroom- with many helpful salespeople. That was the end of our free tour. Of course, Chandler bought a watch. We are total suckers.

Chandler is climbing up there on the second "a"- You can see his white cap. The Van Gogh Museum was incredible- we paid to tour- So we got the genuine thing.

This was outside the real diamond museum- Which we never toured.

Amsterdam rivals Venice in the amount of canals.

This is a "Coffee Shop"-

A band playing on the boat in the canal.

This pic is for a friend of mine- you know who you are.

Bikes account for 40% of the traffic in Amsterdam- We rode our bikes everywhere.

We also did plenty of walking. When crossing a busy intersection as a pedestrian, I am used to pushing the button and waiting for the signal to cross.

In Amsterdam, you push the button & then cross the bike lanes to the next median. Push the next button, and then cross the tram lanes to the next median. Push the next buttom, and then cross the car lanes. I looked like a deer caught in headlights most of the time- So much for blending.

See the mannequin legs? I think that they are doing pilates. I Kid.

Fun house boats.

Seeking New Travel Partners

It is mandatory that the position seeker actually stays awake for canal tours.
A high interest in Woman's Accessories is required.

Must at least pretend to enjoy the overall experience.

High attention and concentration skills required to assist in listening to the tour guides. This is to enable my ability to properly label pictures.

Amsterdam- The Pancake Bakery

On Prinsengracht is the best Pancake place EVER.
Here is Chan enjoying his with
fresh Cherries and a lovely mint tea.
The pancake is like a thick crepe.
Try to get this waitress (sorry- I know you can't see her face.) She was really nice.Check Spelling
She is looking at the Police- Yes, I had to mention the police in Amsterdam. That is just how I roll.

Amsterdam- Military Man and MiniMe

Scott is very organized and efficient. Once a Marine, always a Marine. If Chandler or I flounder or hesitate in anyway- Scott steps in and takes over the task- This works for me. I often use it to my advantage. He probably thinks that I am very...simple. He ends up completing many of my "hard" tasks.

Chandler, however, likes to figure things out for himself. He has decided to challenge the Marine. The interactions between the two are noteworthy. The entire trip, Chandler took an inordinate amount of time to lock up his bike & absolutely refused Scott's assistance.

As Chandler is locking up his bike- he is letting Scott know his opinion on ....everything.
But, Scott keeps laughing- which increases Chandler's verbal tirade.

Until Chan realizes that we've been waiting on him for 10 minutes- Then he starts to chuckle too.

Then, Chan notices that I am documenting the entire exchange. Then, I get the "look."

Finally, Chan accepts some help.

& Some Instruction-

Ah- Peace.

Our hotel view- Moevenpick Amsterdam- We truly enjoyed our stay there.