Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Evil Stinging Nettle

This is a good plant-

If you rub this plant on affected areas...

It helps to relieve the burning and itching caused by this plant.

We learned this while on a walk yesterday- I'll give you the down-low-
Tracy: I smell mint, do you think that there is spearmint growing here?
Scott: I smell it too. I think that it is that plant there.
Tracy: Maybe- I don't remember it having thistles though.
Scott: I'll pick some.
Scott: Tracy this is really burning- TRACY, this is ()(*&&^%$ painful.
A neighbor came and taught Scott about the remedy plant- which grows near the evil plant. The remedy provides temporary relief.
The evil plant evidently causes discomfort for about 24 hours. or so I've heard...for 23 hours.

Paintball in Co. Wicklow

The "lads" went to Skirmish Paintball in Roundwood, Co. Wicklow. The setting was the prettiest scenery ever. This is the path up to the grounds.

The boys getting a lesson on paintball usage. Scott looking on enviously. Why didn't he play? Long story- but believe me, we all wished he had played...

The road to Skirmish- the paintball place.

Even the parking lot has a beautiful view-

Road to play paintball.

This is the forest where paintballing takes place. Very cool.

Chandler getting ready. - Not sure why he closed his eyes?

More preparing

This has nothing to do with the paintballing- This is the Pizza Delivery Truck. How cool is this? It is smaller than my old VW bug- It is about as wide as a golf-cart.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chandler's Birthday & Dunmore Caves

Every one of our days begins and ends with Chandler and Scott wrestling. I don't really like to wrestle....Growing up, my sister and I didn't ever play fight- If we fought it was for real. Until I was 20 or so...then she took me down for real. In front of Scott. Very embarrassing. We talk things out now.

We visited Dunmore caves. Having grown up in NM, I can't help but measure every cave by the golden standards of Carlsbad Caverns.
Dunmore has a more gruesome history. In 928 a viking massacre occurred in the cave. In 1973, bones of 44 people were found. In 1996, even more human bones were found. In the year 2000, a guide found a virtual treasure chest with coins dating back to the massacre. The exhibition lights are causing the green stuff that is growing.

Many steps going into the deep deep cave.

Chan and I at the cave opening.

See the startled look on Chan's face? I'll bet this is when the told him about the human bones.

I think that this formation was the buffalo.

It was my baby's 13 birthday today. We had a fabulous time celebrating.
It is hard not to get all emotional mushy here- but he sure is the bestest son.

And we are feeling love and the blessings.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sugar Paper Wins

Andrea B. wins the Contest with "Sugar Paper." Joe H. was the first responder- he gets our "parting prize." :-)
Congrats & please forward your mailing address!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Guess what construction paper is "called" in Ireland? First person to email or post correct response receives a trinket from Ireland.