Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

The local parade was fun, the weather is beautiful, and the food was fantastic.

Scott took the camera with him to the States- So, I used the cell phone for these pics. Also, Chandler enjoyed the parade with his friends. Which means I didn't get any pics of him...or of Scott....or of me. But, here is what I did get! There are Texas plates on this car! & the steering wheel is on the side that I remember!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

On Meeting The Honourable Desmond Guinness

Today started with Chandler faking sick- because he wanted to play video games instead of touring with us. He is thanking me now---profusely, for insisting that he accompany us to Leixlip. We went to tour the Castle in Leixlip - knocked on the door & were greeted by this lovely gentleman. But, let us go back in time a bit...this is Chandler walking towards the Castle- insisting that he is too ill & angry with me.

Notice the hunched back and angry walk. I thought that we'd be in for teenaged attitude the whole day.

Going in the Castle gates-

The beautiful Castle

Lucky, lucky dog.

Looking towards the grounds-

So, as I mentioned before, a lovely man answers the door- & since I know that people live in the Castle- I ask if it is open today for tours (Leixlip Castle is open for tours, but I wasn't sure of hours, days, etc).
The gracious man invites us in and gives us a private tour. During the tour, we realize- this man is the OWNER of the Castle- This Man IS Desmond Guinness...Yes- the Honourable Desmond Guinness of Guinness Beer....Oh! Happy Fun Day! Oh! This is sooooooo cool. So, I have to admit- I was star struck- Touring the Castle with HDG---well is pretty much up there on my list. So, if the pics are a little unstable- it because this was just so ....NEAT!!

This Sitting Room- freshly painted-fire heated- the smell from the fireplace was very soothing- Couldn't tell you what is was - Scott wasn't sure what it was either- but it was comforting. Many beautiful chandeliers.

The organ in the Dining Room- Mr. Guinness played this for us. Did I mention that I was star-struck?
The Dining Room Continued---

The Dining Room

The most incredible Library- More of the Library- Lovely old books- by the hundreds, cozy room, with
comfortable cushy sofas and seats.

The most extraordinary Doll House

The rooms are absolutely huge and very tall ceilings- It is difficult to show the immense size of the pieces- like the Doll House-

The Doll House is furnished and wall papered.

This is still the Doll-House- I must have gotten carried away.

Walking up the staircase- I spotted a baby-buggy-


This is hanging on the banister- The HDG indicated that it was originally made to place on a horse so that when the rider was arriving- everyone would know where the rider was from- via coat of arms.

An enormous tapestry located at the staircase.

Chandler & Scott Mid-way on the staircase.

The Blue room- The bed is partially made- because people live in this castle...and we bothered them on a Saturday---I am so glad that we got to see it!

d+037.jpg" border=0>

So, the HDG said that his daughter used to hook up this carriage to her pony and ride-

This was the chapel- but hadn't been used as one for some time.

This is King John's Room- with the biggest armoire that I have ever seen- It is awesome.

This bath is fully functional and heated.

I want King John's Room.- CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THIS PIC- NOT SURE WHAT HAPPENED--AAAAA7E/dxjwZnT9yks/s400/Guinness,+Desmond+047.jpg" border=0>

We appreciate, beyond words, the time that the HDG took to give us a tour of his beautiful castle.
The Irish Georgian Society, started by Desmond Guinness, is open to those interested in art and architecture of Georgian Ireland. A list of other houses, castles and gardens open to the public is available from Heritage Island, 37 Main Street, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 (01 288 9114).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dublin- Phoenix Park & The Zoo

Chandler & I outside of the Education Center at Dublin Zoo- At first, I thought Dublin Zoo is much bigger than Busch Gardens. But, then I remembered...we ride our way through the Gardens- Rhino Rally- the train, etc. We walked through the Zoo- so, they are probably about the same size...
Chan and I walking and walking....

This guy was eavesdropping on the conversation in the next room.

Click on this picture to enlarge- you can see Çhan's reflection and the Tiger. The Tiger was watching Dublin traffic.

& This guy is still eavesdropping.

Chandler climbing the Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park-

He Looks like a little frog up there.

Scott is looking up at our son- getting worried.

Okay- I guess I was more nervous than Chan.

They look so tiny from here.