Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dublin- Phoenix Park & The Zoo

Chandler & I outside of the Education Center at Dublin Zoo- At first, I thought Dublin Zoo is much bigger than Busch Gardens. But, then I remembered...we ride our way through the Gardens- Rhino Rally- the train, etc. We walked through the Zoo- so, they are probably about the same size...
Chan and I walking and walking....

This guy was eavesdropping on the conversation in the next room.

Click on this picture to enlarge- you can see Çhan's reflection and the Tiger. The Tiger was watching Dublin traffic.

& This guy is still eavesdropping.

Chandler climbing the Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park-

He Looks like a little frog up there.

Scott is looking up at our son- getting worried.

Okay- I guess I was more nervous than Chan.

They look so tiny from here.

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