Saturday, February 28, 2009

The "Strategery" of American Verbiage

Facts as I see them:

1. If you can't remember a word that you want to is perfectly appropriate to make one up. People will know what you " mean."

2. I feel that Bush made this practice acceptable.

3. I do it often- my friends and family will attest to this. It is only embarrassing when your BFF calls you on it and laughs uncontrollably. Like when I said "Tresemen" instead of "TresSemme." My husband likes the " bandoozled" for "banboozled." or "Bamboozled"-( as J. as brought to my attention.)

4. My favorite made-up word comes from Scott's grandmother. Scott's Mom was dressed for a night out & his Meme says, " Look at you....all Dyked out!!"

4. There are many words that are considered "American" - I know this, because people look at me oddly when I use the words. With the help of friends and family- I am compiling a list-

a. Pop- Soda Pop

b. Soda- Carbonated Beverage

b. Stove- (Stove is "cooker" here)

c. Cap- Baseball cap

d. Hater- Mean person

e. Fussy-Irritable

f. Antsy- Restless

g. Oh Snap-Surprise, misfortune or insult

h. Popo- The PO-lice

i. Ho- Prostitute-like

J. Roll- "affirmative predisposition"

Send me your "American" words- Made up or real!


Arkansas Travelers said...

Do you know about Sniglets? There used to be books of made up words. We loved them. Our favorite, still part of our vocabulary is "houndwounding" - the dog's long, drawn out preparation to sit down!

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

Hate to be the one to break it to you... It's BAMboozled.... not BANboozled...

Laughing hystericlly...

Still laughing...

halfbreedwoman said...
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halfbreedwoman said...

laughing with you- crying actually- This....gets worse with age. Help me...