Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today at Lunch

Between video games, dinner and bedtime- Chandler and I had this conversation-

Me: "Dad told me to ask you about your lunch today..."
Chan: "Huh? Oh Yeah- we went to Chick King."
Me: "And....why did Dad want me to talk to you about it?"
Chan: "Oh YEAH! There was a real drunk man there."
Me: "AND...."
Chan: "And he came in...could barely stand up. He kept talking to me and my friend. We couldn't understand. But, finally, we figured out that he wanted bread to feed the swan that was outside."
Me: "Was there a swan outside of Chick King ? "
Chan: (laughing) NO! But, the drunk guy went outside- he couldn't even stand- had to lean against the wall to pull out his wallet. He took out a tener and gave it to my friend.
Me: Why?
Chan: To buy bread. So, he went to the centre and bought bread for the guy. The man stayed to talk to me. When my friend came back with the bread and his change- the man wouldn't take the change back. He took the bread and left. So, we split the money.
Me: Oh- could you lend me 2 euro?

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