Sunday, November 30, 2008

River Liffey

There is a river walk by our house. It is called Liffey. It has salmon, pike, and trout...that you may eat!!! Fishing permits are issued in March- through????

I think that Chandler is one of the few with an American football. For Christmas, he wants a soccer and rugby ball.
He was mostly taking good pics- as my competition...

Scott is happy to pose for me. I didn't get a close up of his face because some of you can read lips.

The swans get real big here.

It starts to get dark early --4 ish-

The current is strong- you can see the water going over some rocks here.

Scott feeding the swan.

I am going to name it the ----

Beautiful Christmas Swan

Saturday, November 29, 2008

OUR HOME- Stuff within

Our tiny refridge... This is the heater- I still don't understand it.

THat is the switch to turn on the water heater/shower....the red one.

MOre disjointedness

Stud farm- Japenese Gardens

Looking out my front window.

Chandler's room - looking out on the green- Can't see the sheep-but they are there.

I know that this is gross- but this is the REAL LOW FLOW toilet- like a cup of water at the bottom & it works.

Chandlers getting ready for School- I love the uniform!


Some Pictures

These are not going to be cohesive pics or thoughts- but I am WAY overdue on a post- So here are some photographs- If the pics are great, Chan took them- because he just has a wonderful eye- If they are real bad- I took them. Japenese Garden of Life and Stud Farm in Kildare- Beyond Beautiful
Same place- VERY COLD

Going into the Tunnel of ignorace- as usual

Me and my baby

Waiting for Scott to figure out the camera...We love him

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Voting, Marriage, & Moving


I am looking for my voter registration card. Didn't find it. I DID however find my Busch Garden's Pass. Woohooo!

Scott had ALL Voter Registration Cards- past and current. BUT, no Busch Garden Pass...where, I wonder, are his priorities?


Apparently, you don't need a voter's registration card to vote. Chan & I voted together. It took us 8 minutes. Scott was ultra took him 15 minutes.


Neither of us could find the original marriage certificate. This will present as a problem in we took a field trip downtown. The fact that we couldn't find the Certificate seemed to trouble Scott's Grandfather. He keep stating, "You ARE married!" -emphatically- like he was trying to convince himself. The fact that I couldn't seem to located my wedding rings did not alleviate his concerns.

I tried to be reassuring- I reminded him that he is the person who walked me down the aisle.-- This did not appease him, he needed cold hard proof.

When I later presented him with 3 Certified Copies of my Certificate, he was so over-joyed and relieved, that he took us all out for dinner. Yippee! It was like a mini-reception.

& The best news YET!!! My BFF made me my ID Card for Ireland. I am going to print it out, copy it in triplicate, and laminate all 3. She is also helping me adjust to the vernacular, etc...take a look at her hints and suggestions at: