Sunday, November 30, 2008

River Liffey

There is a river walk by our house. It is called Liffey. It has salmon, pike, and trout...that you may eat!!! Fishing permits are issued in March- through????

I think that Chandler is one of the few with an American football. For Christmas, he wants a soccer and rugby ball.
He was mostly taking good pics- as my competition...

Scott is happy to pose for me. I didn't get a close up of his face because some of you can read lips.

The swans get real big here.

It starts to get dark early --4 ish-

The current is strong- you can see the water going over some rocks here.

Scott feeding the swan.

I am going to name it the ----

Beautiful Christmas Swan

1 comment:

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

Everything is SO GREEN!!!!
I loved seeing all the pics of your new diggs!!
You guys look great! (and chilly too)

I miss you!