Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Can you dig it?...Yes I can...I've been waiting such a loooooong time...."

The CoCo Market in Dun Laoghaire on Sundays

I have been trying to get to this outdoor Market for 3 Sundays now. We made it today!
It is in People's Park.
Below is the Tea Room.
People's Park is on the Coast- in Dublin.
There was a huge variety of food vendors- Croatian, Italian, Lebanese, Polish, Gaelic, etc.
People dancing, People laughing.

A man selling ice cream....singing Italian songs.

A teen-aged boy sitting alone....with his Ipod, Ignoring his silly moooooooom. (Click on the pic- you can see Chan in the center)

The ride home.

Old Jameson Distillery

We finally made it to Old Jameson Distillery. It was worth the wait.

Some scenery will walking to the distillery.

Chandler...excited to be here!
This was dated 1970. A very good year.
Below is Smitty. According to the tour guide, this cat caught mice daily for decades.
Smitty is stuffed.
Scott making whiskey.
This is the restaurant level.
I don't know why electric shock info was here...but it did entertain Chandler for a bit.
" Pose for your Mom!"

Scott is tasting some of the good stuff. He is at the end.
Our tour guide is standing next to him. She was funny and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To Arthur....

250 Years!!!

No "Pants" in Ireland

I was told that, for many, " pants" means "underwear"

Then, I remembered some of the statements that I made while providing therapy.

...and-I remembered the odd looks directed my way...

1. "These pants are too long, I need to get them hemmed."

2. "I don't like belt loops on my pants."

3. "My son needs his uniform pants for school."

4. & My favorite.... " I've done therapy on the floor all day...these pants are filthy....I cleaned the floor with them."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Enemy Within

My son had is first "nervous breakdown" (his words) today. And it was caused entirely by me. Well, more my the Old Jameson Dublin.

Today was going to be a family outing. Scott was going to drive. Unfortunately, Scott hasn't been feeling well since last weekend. (Remember, the pottery place.) He had to opt out on the fun.

Chandler wanted to opt out also...but I insisted that he come with. I had already bought the family ticket pack-Good for entry for 2 adults and 3 children. With Scott not going, I intended to drink whiskey for two. Chandler was needed to drink coke for 3.

My Irish driving skills have not come around like I had hoped. I usually avoid driving here. The steering wheel is on the wrong side. Everyone drives in the wrong direction- I can NEVER just go into autopilot. I have to constantly make sure I am on the wrong side of the road. Left turns are like right and rights are like lefts.

Chan and I prayed before we left- and God answers prayer. Our tour was supposed to begin at noon. We left in plenty of time for our noon tour...However, I didn't know that there was some sporting event in Dublin. Traffic was the heaviest ever. Flagged cars honking and packed into the city.
Then I took a wrong turn. Then, forgetting that right was left- I tried to turn into oncoming traffic.

We arrived in City Centre after Noon...late. I parked and we started walking towards the Distillery- in case we could start the tour late...but Chandler just wanted to go home.
He kept saying that he wouldn't be able to enjoy the tour because he would keep thinking of the ride home.
He was shaking and scared. I took pity on him and we went back to the car.

See, he looks pale....wait...we all look pale. But he does look nauseous. This was BEFORE the ride home. The ride home is when I confused right and left again and he literally started hysterically laugh crying. My poor baby. We both need a driver.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Bridge Pottery in Burnchurch

There is a new rule in the Hall Household-

If other family members fail to select and plan a worthy activity for the weekends, then we must all participate in an activity of my choosing.

You notice the "worthy" qualifier? NOT worthy includes things like TV, computer, a 5 minute walk, throwing the ball to each other for 30 minutes, or going to the local mall. Worthy is pretty much anything that will keep us out of the house for more than 90 minutes.

Well, much to Chan and Scott's dismay- they forgot to plan.

I thought we'd drive to Burnchurch to see a shop called "The Bridge Pottery." It is about 90 minutes from home. If you don't get stuck behind farm equipment.
The sun was so bright today...
The greenery was dazzling... This day was probably the most beautiful day I've experienced since we've arrived. Gorgeous.
Scott asked me to drive- Since this pottery outing was clearly my idea. I didn't drive. We are safer with Scott driving.
Any other time, he would have been very happy to hear me confess that he was the better driver.
Not today.
Nope...didn't care...

Since I didn't drive, I took pictures...
Below is the Pottery Shop.
Poor Scott.
Chandler refused to pose.

Despite the boys lack of enthusiasm, I had a great time. That is good. Because next weekend, I'll probably be looking a tanks, guns, or prisons...