Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Bridge Pottery in Burnchurch

There is a new rule in the Hall Household-

If other family members fail to select and plan a worthy activity for the weekends, then we must all participate in an activity of my choosing.

You notice the "worthy" qualifier? NOT worthy includes things like TV, computer, a 5 minute walk, throwing the ball to each other for 30 minutes, or going to the local mall. Worthy is pretty much anything that will keep us out of the house for more than 90 minutes.

Well, much to Chan and Scott's dismay- they forgot to plan.

I thought we'd drive to Burnchurch to see a shop called "The Bridge Pottery." It is about 90 minutes from home. If you don't get stuck behind farm equipment.
The sun was so bright today...
The greenery was dazzling... This day was probably the most beautiful day I've experienced since we've arrived. Gorgeous.
Scott asked me to drive- Since this pottery outing was clearly my idea. I didn't drive. We are safer with Scott driving.
Any other time, he would have been very happy to hear me confess that he was the better driver.
Not today.
Nope...didn't care...

Since I didn't drive, I took pictures...
Below is the Pottery Shop.
Poor Scott.
Chandler refused to pose.

Despite the boys lack of enthusiasm, I had a great time. That is good. Because next weekend, I'll probably be looking a tanks, guns, or prisons...

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