Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lie to me...or don't...I won't know....

While driving with Chan to his movie date:

Me: Chan- who are you meeting at the movies?

Chan: Tersely- "Someone."

Me: "A girl?"

Chan: "Yes mom, a girl."

Me: "Do I know her?"

Chan: Irritated- "No Mom- you don't"
Me: "Aha...I can tell by the way were lips are pursed that I know her....hmmmm. Is she from ROTC? Does she attend [your highs school]?"

Chan: "No Mom, she is not in ROTC...and yes, I go to school with her."

Me: "LIAR- SHE is in ROTC...I can tell the way you exhibited a vocal tremor!

Chan: Quietly shaking his head...well, sort of disgustedly shaking his head....

Me: "Are you dating a guy?"
Chan: Exasperated- "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Me: "Nothing- I just got your truth baseline."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No- YES!!!

My bestest and I had the honor of providing therapy for one of the most lively, fun, beautiful spirits ever. Therapy sessions with this elderly woman often went like this. (Obviously, names are changed).

Bestest and/or Me: "Samantha let's have some ice cream."


Bestest and/or Me: "You are RIGHT. Horrible idea- Let's not do it."

Samantha calms. We wait 30 seconds.

Bestest and/or me: "Samantha!"

Samantha: "What?"

Bestest and/or me: "We are hungry, let's eat ice cream!"

Samantha: Excitedly- "OKAY! Let's! Oh this is delicious! Thank you!"

And so our sessions went. Samantha was initially disgusted with anything we suggested or requested- Then, she would quickly change her mind and express deep gratitude.

As Samantha tip toed to meet her maker-I imagine that the conversation went like this:

"Samantha! Let's go to heaven!"

Samantha: "No! I don't want to go right now!

30 seconds lapse

Samantha: "What?"

"Let's see what is going on in heaven"

Samantha " Okay, Let's!...Oooohhh this is so lovely. Thank you!!"

God bless you Samantha- we loved knowing you!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Note to MMA Mamas

Little league doesn't really prepare you for watching your offspring fight in MMA.
No one mentions this, so if you are a Mama, who has a child...and your baby decides to like MMA...just be forewarned. While you are watching the fights, you may feel the Mama Bear in you...and she may want to pummel your child's opponent.
Also, you will sit beside your child as s/he is preparing to fight. And you will say supportive things, and try to appear calm. But your jaw will be clenched, and your muscles will be tight, and you will feel like vomiting.
And if you are lucky MMA mama, YOUR mama will be with you...and she will share feelings and empathize with your anxieties...and she will also want to pummel her grandchild's opponent.

Gotta love it when family sticks together.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wild Hogs... and my limited memory...and Chan's patience...

Chan: Hey- You wanna check out Madrid
Me: Sure! Isn't that where they filmed that movie...
Me: What was it called? Ground Hog? Road Hog? ......what was it?
Chan: Wild Hogs Mom, Wild Hogs...Are we going to be stuck behind this truck the whole way? Don't you want to pass?
Me: Nope- not passing! Wild Hogs!

Chan: Wouldn't it be cool if we could see Maggie's Diner?
Me: Was that the name of the place?

Chan: Yes, Mom Maggie's Diner....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring & Thin Mints....

Spring is about Puppies- Doesn't everybody get a new puppy in the Spring?Spring is about the most beautious Iris
& Puppies!
& Les Fluers
& handsome boys with their new puppy.
& blue skies with ???? Everyday- from the east and west the city- these projectiles are blasted into space. What are they???
But, I blossoms- that is what Spring is about.
That and a tummy ache from the full box of thin mints last night.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Introducing our new puppy "Brownie!"

What breed of dog is she?Beats me....but she is a cutie!
Has she met Cliffy or Valley?
No way.
She gives great kisses.
And we are happy to have her here!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Boy and His Truck!

This is Chan asking, " Is that truck on the side of the house mine?"This is Chan with his new key!

This is Chan about to wreck his truck into my car...
He is ignoring me and putting it into gear.
Then Scott steps in!

Open Space Visitor Center

Mark Chavez, Chainsaw Sculptor

is one talented guy.

Arbol De Vida- or Tree of Life
I want one of these for my B-day!
Tell Scott!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Walking the Rio Grande

Albuquerque's valley has a series of irrigation ditches or canals. Basically, the water from melting snow in the mountains is collected and distributed among the ditches. I was lucky to grow up in a home that was on "the ditch" and we were able to utilize the water to irrigate our lawn, gardens, and ourselves. I don't know how clean the water is now...but as a kid- we played in the ditch water the entire summer. There are rules for playing in ditch water. We were allowed to play in the little canal bordering our back yard. However, that canal was fed by water directed from a bigger ditch...and then there is the BIG ditch- Which is the Biggest of the three. We were never allowed to walk the border of or play on or near the BIG ditch. So I did on the sly. Sometimes..
Next to the Rio Grande, There is a "little" ditch and the BIG ditch.
This is the Rio Grande in the Winter.
When younger, in the summers, we used to walk past the ditches, through the brush, and into the Rio Grande. With a Pony Keg.
Walking on the Rio Grande is a different experience each time- depending on the time of year and who is with you.
Usually, I focus on nature. When Scott is with me- He likes to focus on the "missiles" that are being denoted on the east and west side of the city. He convinces me that we are sending practice missiles to oceans.... or worse. Then, I remember- I grew up here.
This type of activity occurs almost hourly. There is a huge military presence here. The "missiles" are just one of many odd novelties of living here-that I choose to ignore.

Instead, I focus on the little dot up in the sky - that is an identifiable flying object.
The hot air balloon. I love this place.