Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Air Force One-

The tour guide indicated that this (the first) Air Force One was technologically state of the art. Now, however, the newer model was designed with luxury in mind.
Kennedy and his family spent time on this plane.
These are cockpit shots.

This was a lavatory up front. Notice the air fresheners --"stick ups!"

More communication.
Behind the curtain is a microwave. Had to have been one of the first ones.

A picture of President JFK and the First Lady exiting the plane.

President's on board office, with phone, and hat rack.
Presidential Lavatory with Doggie Door.

Extra seating.
The overheads pull down into bunking areas.

Typewriter in annex office area.

Fantasy Island

When I was in elementary school, my mother bought me a crossing guard costume. I adored it. In my mind, the crossing guards carried the same amount of authority as police officers. When they held up those gloved hands- people had to respect and obey.

I remembering donning the plastic/vinyl vest (which, now that I think about it...was the same material as a cheap shower curtain), attaching my plastic badge, grabbing my baton & plastic whistle, and ran to the nearest busy street. I was going to direct me some traffic. & No, my mother did not know about this. & probably still doesn't.

As I approached the street, my spirits began to dampen a bit. It was Saturday- No one was coming from or going to school...No one would need my assistance to cross. I stood at the corner of my street and the busy intersecting one...what to do??? Then it hit me, I could assist those who want to turn down my road by...stopping the traffic with my gloved hand...AND I could direct the those who wanted to turn ...with MY SILVER BATON!!! Although this was a fantastic idea...I was still a little embarrassed by my new badge, uniform, and promotion. So, I hid behind a tree on the corner, and waited for oncoming cars to signal their desire to turn.

As soon as the car signaled, I would jump from my hiding stop and attempt to control the oncoming traffic. When seeing me and my get up- driver's faces exhibited a number of emotions, fear, bewilderment, anger, and relief (when they managed to avoid flattening me). Thankfully, this phase was short lived- the horns frightened me.

This is the memory that came back to me as I took these pictures of Chandler coming out of the Air Force One.
Because, as a kid, I would have milked this. I would have stood at the top of the stairs and posed, and waved, and shamelessly pretended.
For a moment, in my own head, I would of been the Prez.
& I would have imagined the Marines saluting me...especially one Marine in particular...That is right, Scott would have to salute me. heehee!
The Air Force One is available to tour at the Seattle Museum of Flight-
I will post pics of the interior.

Some Things to Like About Seattle!

In no particular order-

1. Pikes Place Market-A lot of yummy food & only 1 Chain Store in the whole market area....Guess which chain?
2. Our boat captain and tour guide for the Duck Tours- You tour Seattle's land and Lake Union on these amphibious vehicles. If your lucky- you get this nutty as a fruitcake tour guide.
See that weeping willow? That is where Boeing got his start...at least that is what I think that tour guide dude said.

3. The Seattle Museum of Flight- I think that I am going to have to do a separate post for this place. This museum is incredible~!4. What chain store is the only one allowed in the Market? Star Bucks! There are over 400 in Seattle alone. This is the original.

5. Flying Fish-
6. Pikes Place Chowder- hands down...the best chowder that I have EVER eaten.
Chandler refuses to talk...must devour the chowder.

I guess that you can tell that we liked this place...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Space, Science & Future

The Space Needle was for Seattle's 1962 World's Fair -We went at dusk. No line- beautiful view- about $45.00 for the 3 of us to ascend.
There was enough light to still see the buildings, and as it got dark, the lights were beautiful.
Love the souvenir penny machines- We get them whenever available. I don't know if we ever manage to actually keep them- But, Chandelier assures me that they are someplace safe.

Columbia River in Washington

The land around this beautiful river is dry- Like a desert- very much like areas in New Mexico...But New Mexico doesn't have a body of water likes...unless you count the underground aquifer.
Is that aquifer still there? or did Texas empty it?! I don't remember....
The contrast between the arid land and the water was stunning...

Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center

In Missoula, MT- The Smokejumper Center gives free tours to the public.Scott likes free- We all enjoyed the tour. Smoke jumpers are flown out to remote fires & dropped from the air- They parachute down, some supplies are dropped, and they fight the fires.
They sew/make/repair their parachutes right at the center.
These parachutes are being inspected.Stupid does hurt. I know. Like the time I thought I could hurdle the child gate and torn my ACL. Stupid hurt real bad for that whole summer.