Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fantasy Island

When I was in elementary school, my mother bought me a crossing guard costume. I adored it. In my mind, the crossing guards carried the same amount of authority as police officers. When they held up those gloved hands- people had to respect and obey.

I remembering donning the plastic/vinyl vest (which, now that I think about it...was the same material as a cheap shower curtain), attaching my plastic badge, grabbing my baton & plastic whistle, and ran to the nearest busy street. I was going to direct me some traffic. & No, my mother did not know about this. & probably still doesn't.

As I approached the street, my spirits began to dampen a bit. It was Saturday- No one was coming from or going to school...No one would need my assistance to cross. I stood at the corner of my street and the busy intersecting one...what to do??? Then it hit me, I could assist those who want to turn down my road by...stopping the traffic with my gloved hand...AND I could direct the those who wanted to turn ...with MY SILVER BATON!!! Although this was a fantastic idea...I was still a little embarrassed by my new badge, uniform, and promotion. So, I hid behind a tree on the corner, and waited for oncoming cars to signal their desire to turn.

As soon as the car signaled, I would jump from my hiding stop and attempt to control the oncoming traffic. When seeing me and my get up- driver's faces exhibited a number of emotions, fear, bewilderment, anger, and relief (when they managed to avoid flattening me). Thankfully, this phase was short lived- the horns frightened me.

This is the memory that came back to me as I took these pictures of Chandler coming out of the Air Force One.
Because, as a kid, I would have milked this. I would have stood at the top of the stairs and posed, and waved, and shamelessly pretended.
For a moment, in my own head, I would of been the Prez.
& I would have imagined the Marines saluting me...especially one Marine in particular...That is right, Scott would have to salute me. heehee!
The Air Force One is available to tour at the Seattle Museum of Flight-
I will post pics of the interior.

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