Sunday, October 24, 2010

Play that funky music white boy....

I, for one, am happy to see Vanilla Ice on DIY Network. The show is good- & I never understood all that hating- I have some of his songs on my IPod...twice.But, I have only have two friends who continue to share and appreciate my taste in music. You know who you are.
Yo man -- Let's get out of here! Word to your mother!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Macsoft- Shop Talk

I spend a lot of time in a local skilled nursing facility. Often, I speak with a resident named "Mildred." Mildred and I tend to have conversations very similar to ones that I have with my grandmother...the ones that are on a loop because of short term memory loss.
Every time I see her, I ask her, "Did you have some lunch?" and she responds with, "I wouldn't have missed it!" and I ask her, "What did you eat?"
Without fail, she answers, " Oh...I don't know...same stuff Macsoft." The first time we had this conversation, I just assumed she was talking about some Macaroni. However, about 5 minutes later, I was standing in the elevator, and came to a realization. Which made me giggle out loud...which made people try to move away from me.
When people are having a hard time chewing regular food, sometimes they get a chopped up softer diet called "Mechanical Soft"- When residents get their trays, often a slip of paper comes with the food indicating "Mech Soft."
So, I guess Mildred is correct, she is eating "Macsoft" everyday.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank You DQ!

My. Math. Skills. Are. Limited.
My basic math skills are an embarrassment to me & those who know me.
Numbers go into a certain part of my brain & get jumbled and lost. It is like I have number dyslexia.

This is so sad that it is funny. At one time, my mother owned a company and hired me to reconcile payroll with the ledge. It was just inputing numbers on an adding machine & matching totals. I stunk. She literally fired me in two days. Two days, she gave me the "We really like you, but your not working out." Whatever.

After high school- my local college said that I could attend, if I would take a few of their lower-level math courses. My professors were patient and kind. Go Lobos!!! I passed because I study well- but my skills remain limited.

One time, while Vegas with my mother in law, she tried on this beautiful bracelet. It was the most gorgeous item I had ever seen. I looked at the price tag- don't remember the exact about- but I thought it was $2, 300. I encouraged her to buy it. It was frivolous, but GORGEOUS. Later, she tells my husband that I tried to get her to purchase a $23,000 bracelet. Ohhhh! THAT IS why she thought I had been drinking!!

So, back in high school, the local Dairy Queen hired me. This job was probably the best thing that ever happened to my math muddled mind. They had cash register- so, I figured- it would do the math for me. HOWEVER, the son's owner (David) insisted that we learn how to count back cash to the customer when giving change. Something is 1.50, they give you a five, you say ".50 is $2.00, and $3.00 makes $5.00. THANK YOU DAVID!!!

Because, today, Chandler volunteered us to work the Balloon Fiesta - & at 3:o0 a.m., when the staff was assigning volunteers...I kept muttering my mantra. Please, not the ticket booth....please NOT the ticket booth.

Guess what Scott & I were assigned? There was no register- I had to multiply, subtract, and count back change. Scott, knowing my limitations was mortified for me. It took a few hundred tickets, but I got into the swing of things. The old DQ technique came back to me. Who knew?