Saturday, October 9, 2010

Macsoft- Shop Talk

I spend a lot of time in a local skilled nursing facility. Often, I speak with a resident named "Mildred." Mildred and I tend to have conversations very similar to ones that I have with my grandmother...the ones that are on a loop because of short term memory loss.
Every time I see her, I ask her, "Did you have some lunch?" and she responds with, "I wouldn't have missed it!" and I ask her, "What did you eat?"
Without fail, she answers, " Oh...I don't know...same stuff Macsoft." The first time we had this conversation, I just assumed she was talking about some Macaroni. However, about 5 minutes later, I was standing in the elevator, and came to a realization. Which made me giggle out loud...which made people try to move away from me.
When people are having a hard time chewing regular food, sometimes they get a chopped up softer diet called "Mechanical Soft"- When residents get their trays, often a slip of paper comes with the food indicating "Mech Soft."
So, I guess Mildred is correct, she is eating "Macsoft" everyday.

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