Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Heywood Gardens
( I took following information from the website above)
"Heywood Gardens
Heywood Gardens is the site of two garden types: the great park created by Frederick Trench in the late 1700s and the small interlocked formal gardens created by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll in the early 1900s.
After Trench built Heywood House in 1773, he landscaped the area between his house and the village of Ballinakill. Inspired by his Grand Tour of Europe, Trench moved hills, dug lakes, planted trees and placed follies. His results were considered to be the most exquisite romantic landscape of their time.
In the early 1900s, Colonel Hutchenson Poe hired the eminent architect Sir Edwin Lutyens to create formal gardens around Heywood House. The gardens were probably landscaped by Gertrude Jekyll. Although the house is gone, the gardens are among the best surviving example of Lutyens’ work in Ireland." These gardens were the most beautiful landscape that we have seen - hands down.

Scott & I taking a rest- We thought we had to climb up to this---but later found a paved path...we are dorky.

We were throwing coins in for wishes & Scott missed the water altogether. oooops.

Too pretty for words.

Lots of rolling hills.

We exhausted Chandler.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chan's new cam-

Chandler got a new camera for Christmas- So, he is taking many great pics.This is our local cinema- as you see, it is "closed forever"- Don't worry- there is another in the next city over.
The Church associated with Chan's school.
This is a different church- This was where we listened to a talented choir sing beautiful carols on Christmas Eve. 
An alley that we walk through at least twice daily- Straight ahead is the Centre of Newbridge.
The Swans on Liffey

This is where I work---
I made Chan take a pic of these folks on the Liffey- Because BFF in Tampa has a red kayak...

Signs in both Gaelic & English

Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Merry Christmas!

Statue across from Trinity (College)

Outside the Grounds of Trinity

This is a side view of St. Patrick's Cathedral near City Centre. These are the Cathedral grounds and the view across the street.

Back towards the Cathedral.

The day after Christmas is St. Stephen's day. Most places are still closed. Dublin's City Centre was a great place to be today. I thought the pic below was from the Heritage Centre in Dublin- but, know I am not so sure... it is beautiful...

Chandler got his "fold-up" fold up bike for Christmas.

Again, I apologize for not rotating pics- Turn your computer side-ways ;-) Chandler & Scott excited over Scott's gift.

Chandler in front of the Tree-

Monday, December 22, 2008


The Guinness harp- I am too lazy to rotate the pic---sorry----
So this is the Guinness Head- There was 3 leaf clover in the Foam- but, you can't see it in this me, it is very cool. Guinness Storehouse is in Dublin- This is the view from the restaurant.

This is the pure water that goes into the making of Guinness...Comes from the Mountain ranges.

Chan's ticket entitled him to complimentary coca- cola. Actually- the family pass was cheaper than 2 adults and 1 child- So, Chandler could have had 2 more cokes- Luckily he didn't.

This is outside the Guinness place---It is a little wet.

My eyes are closed in this picture & I'll tell you why. It starts with, "Chan....take the picture." "Chan, please take the picture now, I am cold." "Chan- please just push the doesn't matter if it is perfect....Chan! Just forget it...we don't need a picture. Come on- we will go now." Then I sigh and close my eyes in prayer & Chan takes the picture.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Castletown House in Celbridge

What impressed Scott & I the most
about this place was that at one time, the owners (husband and wife) were 20 & 15 years of age. If only.......

We went Castletown House in Celbridge. It was built in the 1700's- You can google the history- a lot of stuff written on the home & it is fascinating. You can park in the town center of Celbridge and walk up a beautiful tree-lined path to the castle. Or you can drive around the castle grounds and park next to the castle Car Park (Parking Lot). We couldn't find the entry to the Car Park- After repeated and lengthy attempts- we just parked & walked.

This steam is very close to the castle.

Chandler is hungry, but still smiles.

Side view of Main Entry. In the old servant's quarters/area- there is an awesome restaurant with the absolute best tea and yummiest tartlets.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On The Way to Dublin

We went to Dublin to shop today. On the way back, we stopped @ the PGA National - It is the most beautiful Golf Course that I have ever seen. There is a castle on the grounds & some out buildings. We weren't able to get close to the castle- but we parked at the clubhouse and toured the out buildings. Since I know nothing about them- I will document the history that we made up as we gave ourselves a self-guided tour. "Wow, this is old do you think it is?"
"Probably 1600s."
"Yeah, Probably."

"That must be a carriage-house."
"For sure."
"This is obviously an old saw-mill."
"I think that you are right." (*Note the table saw in the middle of the kind've blends, but it is there.)

Horse stalls-

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down."
"This must have been where she was imprisoned."
"I'll bet it was...spooky."

He was not happy with me, but will still pose. Thanks C., I love you!

"I know those horses want us to pet them..."

If we could just climb the wall...

Or back through the gate.