Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Merry Christmas!

Statue across from Trinity (College)

Outside the Grounds of Trinity

This is a side view of St. Patrick's Cathedral near City Centre. These are the Cathedral grounds and the view across the street.

Back towards the Cathedral.

The day after Christmas is St. Stephen's day. Most places are still closed. Dublin's City Centre was a great place to be today. I thought the pic below was from the Heritage Centre in Dublin- but, know I am not so sure... it is beautiful...

Chandler got his "fold-up" fold up bike for Christmas.

Again, I apologize for not rotating pics- Turn your computer side-ways ;-) Chandler & Scott excited over Scott's gift.

Chandler in front of the Tree-

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Thoughts from the Deep End said...

LOVED seeing what you guys are up to!!
I thought of you Christmas Day... we were boiling hot and Marge's A/C was broken... Much crankiness during dinner!!

Miss you!

xo Me