Monday, December 22, 2008


The Guinness harp- I am too lazy to rotate the pic---sorry----
So this is the Guinness Head- There was 3 leaf clover in the Foam- but, you can't see it in this me, it is very cool. Guinness Storehouse is in Dublin- This is the view from the restaurant.

This is the pure water that goes into the making of Guinness...Comes from the Mountain ranges.

Chan's ticket entitled him to complimentary coca- cola. Actually- the family pass was cheaper than 2 adults and 1 child- So, Chandler could have had 2 more cokes- Luckily he didn't.

This is outside the Guinness place---It is a little wet.

My eyes are closed in this picture & I'll tell you why. It starts with, "Chan....take the picture." "Chan, please take the picture now, I am cold." "Chan- please just push the doesn't matter if it is perfect....Chan! Just forget it...we don't need a picture. Come on- we will go now." Then I sigh and close my eyes in prayer & Chan takes the picture.

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