Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chan's new cam-

Chandler got a new camera for Christmas- So, he is taking many great pics.This is our local cinema- as you see, it is "closed forever"- Don't worry- there is another in the next city over.
The Church associated with Chan's school.
This is a different church- This was where we listened to a talented choir sing beautiful carols on Christmas Eve. 
An alley that we walk through at least twice daily- Straight ahead is the Centre of Newbridge.
The Swans on Liffey

This is where I work---
I made Chan take a pic of these folks on the Liffey- Because BFF in Tampa has a red kayak...

Signs in both Gaelic & English

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Thoughts from the Deep End said...

That WAS ME... in the red kayak bringing up the rear.... didn't you see me waving in between paddling??!!

xo Me