Sunday, December 7, 2008

On The Way to Dublin

We went to Dublin to shop today. On the way back, we stopped @ the PGA National - It is the most beautiful Golf Course that I have ever seen. There is a castle on the grounds & some out buildings. We weren't able to get close to the castle- but we parked at the clubhouse and toured the out buildings. Since I know nothing about them- I will document the history that we made up as we gave ourselves a self-guided tour. "Wow, this is old do you think it is?"
"Probably 1600s."
"Yeah, Probably."

"That must be a carriage-house."
"For sure."
"This is obviously an old saw-mill."
"I think that you are right." (*Note the table saw in the middle of the kind've blends, but it is there.)

Horse stalls-

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down."
"This must have been where she was imprisoned."
"I'll bet it was...spooky."

He was not happy with me, but will still pose. Thanks C., I love you!

"I know those horses want us to pet them..."

If we could just climb the wall...

Or back through the gate.


Thoughts from the Deep End said...

Your uncanny ability to know so very much about your surroundings is astounding!!
(have you thought of a second career as a tour guide for around-the-world travelers?)

Beaut-eee-ful pics!

Miss You!

xo Me

halfbreedwoman said...

I knew that you'd be impressed with my fountain of knowledgeness or less.
I love & miss ya!!!