Saturday, July 31, 2010

We Are Family

My family came to visit- we met them at the Wydham Orlando Resort.
Floated around the Lazy River- watched fireworks, played putt-putt
spent some time in the awesome suites. The best part was getting to see my family.
We spent a fab time with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins at Universal- So, can I tell you that my aunt is my hero right now- She rode "The Hulk" with me- didn't even debate it- just did it. And my Uncle was an awfully good sport about Scott lying to him regarding the possibility of staying dry on the water rides.

Uncle: "Do you get wet on that ride?"
Scott: " Only if you sit in certain seats, you'll be okay."
Uncle: "Okay let's ride"

After the ride
Scott: "Sorry man, I didn't know that everyone got wet."
Uncle: " It was fun!"

Repeat this conversation 4 times.

I got to meet my cousin's wife and their precious girl-Saw my 2nd little cousin ride his first huge roller coaster, and spent time just being.

I don't want summer to end!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Zoku is so cooooool (Sorry coudnn't help it)

Bought the Zoku- very awesome- I was concerned about the amount of money that I spent on it. But not anymore because we love it!
Made 6 Popsicles in 20 minutes. & they were yummy!
We used two flavors for our first pops. Watermelon, coconut water (from Vita Coco), and agave for layer one.

Blueberries, coconut water, and agave for layer 2.

Use a flexible measuring cup, poor in the goodness and 12 minutes later- delicious pops!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It is a Zoo Out There....

There is a woman that I know. I will call her "Marsha." When our paths cross- she looks at me like this:Then, I am all like this:
Then, she looks at me like this:
& finally, I am like, "whatever."