Sunday, April 21, 2013

On Treating the Human Condition...

These are the things that I know...
1.  I sure am happy and proud for the Boston Police Department- every eye on the nation-virtual or physical-was witness to your well -trained, quick-action, and self-sacrificing bravery.  Seriously, you make me so proud to be an American.
2.  The survivors and the families of the fallen- will need our love and our supportive prayers and thoughts.
3.  The health providers treating the survivors, suspect, or who attempted to treat the suspect who died -will need our love and supportive thoughts and prayers.
I once worked in an acute care setting, in a very large city,  where both victims and accused were being treated.  It truly is unsettling.  I was lucky enough to work with a completely professional team who were fully committed to treating patients.  I probably wouldn't have known who to identify as victim versus accused if I didn't see the police waiting for an interview or have chart access for my job.  
But this I do know.
When one has been accused of a heinous crime, and is in a hospital bed, battling for their life- they are simply reduced the human condition.  There is no real word for the feeling that surrounds you when you are in the company of this patient.  Perhaps this is a different experience for other healthcare providers- Doctors, nurses, etc- but for me, it was life changing every time.
The accused, and let's face it, eventually found guilty- is in critical condition and is not communicating- there is a profound silence and ...absence surrounding the area.  A vacuum absent of reason, hope, and love.  And as you are with this patient, you feel an overwhelming sadness that causes you to want to weep for this spirit - the victims, the emptiness and the path of destruction and devastation that this  empty spirit has caused.  I am moved to pray- pray that God's love and light move into this vacuum and fill it with holiness, healing, peace and forgiveness. And immediately I feel my God's presence and am comforted.
This I know.