Sunday, July 26, 2009

Which Came First?

We have frequented a number of establishments that seem very similar to a few of our home town favorites.

Such as...Eddie Rockets. Which happens to be a lot like Johnny Rockets in the States. Johnny Rockets was founded in 1986. Eddie Rocket's opened in Dublin during 1989.

The B&Q has the same look and merchandising as Home Depot...right down to the orange aprons.
Home Depot was established in the States in 1978. B & Q was founded in England in 1969.

TK Maxx has the same look as TJ Maxx- for a good reason- They are all owned by one company.
TJ Maxx opened in the States in 1976. TK Maxx was introduced in Bristol during 1994.

The drink Lucozade reminded me of Gatorade.
Now, Chandler has pretty much insisted that he was going to attend UF and be a Gator since he was 3 years old. I am not exaggerating.
I tried to sell him on UNM...I know-no one knows a thing about UNM. But, I adored my undergrad years there. Adobe buildings with blue trim (to ward off evil), library stacks, across the street from the Frontier. Really an awesome experience....but I digress.
Go Lobos!...
Because Chan & Scott are both such fanatics about the Gators- I have had the opportunity to hear the proud recitation of history of Gatorade...over and over again.
When I saw Lucozade here, I figured it was a total rip-off of Gatorade. I was wrong. Gatorade was developed in 1965. Lucozade was first manufactured in 1927.
However, in looking at the ingredients- it is obvious that Gatorade is a superior product for efficient hydration...with the electrolyte and carbo replacement properties.
For the record, I know it looks like this is a Gatorade ad...It is not. I choose to drink water-
I do live with Chan and Scott- So, I did have to point out the obvious superiority of Gatorade over any supposed sports drink.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lavender Fields Forever

This house is the model home next door. It has lots of Lavender. We harvest it daily.
Isn't it beautiful. Can you see to two mini vases full on the sidewalk? Those are mine.

I would feel guilty- but our landlord is the developer- and he hasn't been extremely helpful. I wanted a bigger place. He has more property. The company representing him has ignored us regarding I harvest lavender from his show houses.

And dry it...

Make pretty floral arrangements.

Hang bouquets throughout my tiny home.

The Castle...

Scott's Dad is in town. He wanted to visit the Big HDG. If you don't remember HDG- please check the earlier posts on the Leixlip Castle adventure.The Gates were shut and locked on Saturday...BUT, Scott and Wendell went back today- HDG was there and allowed Scott to give Wendell the tour of the Castle.

Thanks again to the HDG- we sure appreciate your hospitality. The Castle never disappoints- it is such all thrill to see it and experience the history therein!

Chan's Safety Net

I throw Valley's ball over the wall. & asked Chan to get it...
Chan tried to find it- but on the other side of this wall is acres and acres of overgrown weeds.
Then Chandler gets stuck.

And I laugh...and take pictures. Right here, he is yelling at us to help him.
Scott comes to the rescue...because I am weak from laughter.

Thank God for good, empathetic Daddies.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Traffic Jam in Kildare

Scott & I were taking Valentine to the Kennel- The traffic was " heavy." (I totally crack myself up.)
I took these pics with my cell phone- not Chandler's fancy camera...
We waited for over 15 minutes for this group to clear.

Yes- we did " moo" at them---I don't think Irish cows respond to "Moo." Land O' Lake cows, in Florida- THEY respond to "mooooooooooo"

I'm just saying...