Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lavender Fields Forever

This house is the model home next door. It has lots of Lavender. We harvest it daily.
Isn't it beautiful. Can you see to two mini vases full on the sidewalk? Those are mine.

I would feel guilty- but our landlord is the developer- and he hasn't been extremely helpful. I wanted a bigger place. He has more property. The company representing him has ignored us regarding this...so I harvest lavender from his show houses.

And dry it...

Make pretty floral arrangements.

Hang bouquets throughout my tiny home.


irrationalities of the andie bean said...
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irrationalities of the andie bean said...

You could make tea with it and toast him in your tiny home. Also knit yourself a dress of it to visit him in!

halfbreedwoman said...

Both Fab ideas- I am also going to make lavender eye pillows and send as gifts.