Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About How Scott & I Met?

I had this awesome roommate once. We were undergrads, young, and beyond fun. Really- the sun just rose and set on us. I know that this is hard to imagine, BUT I once lived on the wild side. & I shared housing with a friend who lived on the WILDER side. & together... we were a terrific mess.
So, this roommate- "Marie" and I went to school together, lived together, and worked together. How does Scott play into this? Marie was the reason that I met Scott. She had an ex-boyfriend who was life guarding at the local Air Force Base pool. She would spend her off-time on base, sunning and swimming (obviously, pre 9/11). One day, she called me- very excited- insisting that I come to the pool "TODAY!" because "They shipped in 500 Marines...with NO OFF-BASE privileges!"
Uh ladies....this means a serious lack of competition. I quickly donned the purple bikini and got on base-. I met Marie poolside. Wow. We both sat there scanning our options. Don't judge. When simultaneously our eyes landed on a marine wearing red trunks. "Dibs"- We said it in unison. I cringed. "Let's scissor, paper, rock for him," I suggested. We did and I won.
Scott, his friend Matt, Marie, and I spent a lot of time together that Summer and had the best time of my single life. Hands down. The best.
Towards the end of that Summer...Marie's joints started swelling and bruising..she was feeling fatigued. She went to our doctor who quickly diagnosed her with "Lupus"...and so Marie's battle began.
With our move to Florida- I lost touch with Marie- had been trying to find her via FB- to no avail. Now, that we are back- I tried again and found that she had gone on to meet her maker in July.
So, this, in Memory of "Marie"-
She is the most free spirit that I have ever known
She is the instrument that brought Scott to me and me to Scott
She is a part of some of the best times and memories of my life
With her went some of the funniest inside jokes EVER.
I will always love her and the impact that she made.
To Marie- May God Be With You Always.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Like Big Butts...

I like Scott and Chandelier too. Although, they are NOT butts - Chandelier IS trying to hide from the camera lens.
But, I DO like big butts and I can not lie. These cute butts belong to the horses at the recent tree lighting and luminaria lighting in Old Town New Mexico.
& there is the pretty face to go with the rear....
& the big tree
They like big butts too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Peeper

This week, our next door neighbor informed Scott that basically her husband had been peeping through our bedroom window. She asked him if we could get the window covered. The window is a high window. You would have to want to peep to peep.
He assured her that we had ordered new coverings for all of the windows- we are just waiting for delivery and installation.
Meanwhile, I used some of Chandler's wrestling mats to block the view of any prying eyes. They actually are so black, that they make the window a mirror. You can see the reflection of the neighbors swamp cooler & their blinds.
Anywho, we have had a problem with a nosy neighbor before...& Scott usually nipped it in the bud by performing a special commando dance for her. Maybe he learned it in the Marines. But, the performance is ...noteworthy and hilarious.
I left a tip jar out for him- in case he feels the need to do it again.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The [Serendipitous] Gift of Fear

One semester, in college, I needed a couple of extra credits to fulfill financial aid requirements. The class could be in any area, so I choose a Woman's Self Defense course. The class, instructors, and fellow students made this one of my favorite college courses.
The instructor strongly suggested that we read Gavin de Becker's book entitled, "The Gift of Fear." If you have not read this book...go thee and read it immediately. The author is a three-time presidential appointee who has pioneered changes regarding governmental evaluation of threats.
On a personal level, the book gave me permission to listen to my "sixth" sense and to accept fear as a gift that allows me to quickly react to keep safe. The book explained the "science" of fear and summarizes how our subconscious quickly observes and notices danger long before our conscious brain is able to make sense of the same.

Why bring up this book now? Because, since I have read the book- back a hundred years ago- I have used it to help me make decisions for not just myself, but my family. Chan-man made plans for this weekend. I didn't like the plan-basically- that uncomfortable feeling kept nagging. So, I had to let him know that I wasn't comfortable and he had to cancel.

As many of you know, this was going to stink for both of us. Him, because of his disappointment. Me, because I was going to have to live with him.
But, something awesome happened...and he put aside his...shall we say, "strong feelings on the matter..." and agreed to go hiking. Just the two of us.
No cell phone coverage. Just mountains, trees, birds, and my sweet baby.
The day truly was a God-gift. Thanks & Amen!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Play that funky music white boy....

I, for one, am happy to see Vanilla Ice on DIY Network. The show is good- & I never understood all that hating- I have some of his songs on my IPod...twice.But, I have only have two friends who continue to share and appreciate my taste in music. You know who you are.
Yo man -- Let's get out of here! Word to your mother!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Macsoft- Shop Talk

I spend a lot of time in a local skilled nursing facility. Often, I speak with a resident named "Mildred." Mildred and I tend to have conversations very similar to ones that I have with my grandmother...the ones that are on a loop because of short term memory loss.
Every time I see her, I ask her, "Did you have some lunch?" and she responds with, "I wouldn't have missed it!" and I ask her, "What did you eat?"
Without fail, she answers, " Oh...I don't know...same stuff Macsoft." The first time we had this conversation, I just assumed she was talking about some Macaroni. However, about 5 minutes later, I was standing in the elevator, and came to a realization. Which made me giggle out loud...which made people try to move away from me.
When people are having a hard time chewing regular food, sometimes they get a chopped up softer diet called "Mechanical Soft"- When residents get their trays, often a slip of paper comes with the food indicating "Mech Soft."
So, I guess Mildred is correct, she is eating "Macsoft" everyday.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank You DQ!

My. Math. Skills. Are. Limited.
My basic math skills are an embarrassment to me & those who know me.
Numbers go into a certain part of my brain & get jumbled and lost. It is like I have number dyslexia.

This is so sad that it is funny. At one time, my mother owned a company and hired me to reconcile payroll with the ledge. It was just inputing numbers on an adding machine & matching totals. I stunk. She literally fired me in two days. Two days, she gave me the "We really like you, but your not working out." Whatever.

After high school- my local college said that I could attend, if I would take a few of their lower-level math courses. My professors were patient and kind. Go Lobos!!! I passed because I study well- but my skills remain limited.

One time, while Vegas with my mother in law, she tried on this beautiful bracelet. It was the most gorgeous item I had ever seen. I looked at the price tag- don't remember the exact about- but I thought it was $2, 300. I encouraged her to buy it. It was frivolous, but GORGEOUS. Later, she tells my husband that I tried to get her to purchase a $23,000 bracelet. Ohhhh! THAT IS why she thought I had been drinking!!

So, back in high school, the local Dairy Queen hired me. This job was probably the best thing that ever happened to my math muddled mind. They had cash register- so, I figured- it would do the math for me. HOWEVER, the son's owner (David) insisted that we learn how to count back cash to the customer when giving change. Something is 1.50, they give you a five, you say ".50 is $2.00, and $3.00 makes $5.00. THANK YOU DAVID!!!

Because, today, Chandler volunteered us to work the Balloon Fiesta - & at 3:o0 a.m., when the staff was assigning volunteers...I kept muttering my mantra. Please, not the ticket booth....please NOT the ticket booth.

Guess what Scott & I were assigned? There was no register- I had to multiply, subtract, and count back change. Scott, knowing my limitations was mortified for me. It took a few hundred tickets, but I got into the swing of things. The old DQ technique came back to me. Who knew?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A synopsis and compilation -

If you have to think twice before giving someone your cell number...just err on the side of caution.

7:00 am- Nancy- " Hi"
7:30 am - Nancy- "Hi"
8:15 am- Nancy- "Hi"
8:45 am- Phone rings- It is Nancy- I let it go to voice mail. No message.
10:00 am- Nancy - "Hi"
11:00 am- Me- "Hi Nancy- How are you doing?"
11:01 am- Nancy- "Why are you texting me?"
11:45 am- Me - "You sent me some texts."
12:00 am Nancy- "Hi"
1:00 pm- Me- "Hi Nancy, you have to quit texting me today- Okay?" I have to work now.
1:00 pm- Nancy- " I'm mad at you."
1:01 Pm - Me " Sorry, talk with you later."

11:00- 1:30 am- Nancy - "Hi" 8 times.
1:30 am Scott to Nancy- " Nancy, this is Mr. H. It is inappropriate to text this often or this late. Please stop!"
1:35 am Nancy to Scott- "Sorry Pal."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

On the Oil Spill

Did you hear about the government report indicating that only about a quarter of the oil remained...and the rest was either removed, DISSOLVED or EVAPORATED?!
Whew! Crisis averted. I, for one, am soooo relieved. Mother nature took care of that FAST. I knew that the gulf waters helped me with my psoriasis...but, this is taking the power of the salt and sea to a whole new level.
Then, I started thinking about those pesky oil stains in my drive. All this time, certain (clipboard carrying) members of the Neighborhood Association have been complaining about the oil stains. & ALL I needed was to harness the POWER OF THE GULF.
I picked up some of my favorite beach sand and shells from Honeymoon Beach. Placed them on the unsightly stains.
Added water...I tried to simulate that wave action of the gulf. Then, I waited for Mother Nature to do her thing.
Must of done it wrong. Because, nothing dissolved. Nothing evaporated. I am just not getting the same results that the government reported.
Really, it must be my methodology..because I would never question the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Department of Interior findings. Never.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Seeing Granma

My Granma lives with dementia- Her short term memory is on a loop. Her long term memory is generally more reliable. Conversations with her are always a gift. She provides unexpected pockets of clarity...and sometimes hilarity. Her comments are insightful and refreshingly honest. This combined with the wisdom of her years.
It has been at least 10 months since I have been able to see her- As I rounded the corner, I recognized her profile. She was in her wheel chair, gazing into the dining room. She had not seen me yet. I exhaled and took a moment to watch her in thought.
Finally, I made a wide berth in front of her, so she could she me coming. I knew the moment that she recognized me. Her blue eyes widened with joy and her face lit up with such happiness. My face reflecting the same. It was as if our spirits met and joyfully embraced before I was able to physically touch her.

As I finally was able to hug her, kiss her, and held her hands...she whispered "it has been so long." Pockets of clarity.
I love Grams!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Seeing Them Graduate

While completing externships- I had wonderful, intellectual, and devoted professionals serving as my supervisors. As I was approaching graduation, I remember one of my supervisors telling me that she felt like she was a mother bird pushing me from the nest. She was sending me to "spread my wings and fly."

I now know how she felt. I had to opportunity to watch my first group of speech clients graduate high school and venture into the real world of college, employment, & adult relationships.
I met most of them as tentative freshman in high school. I called them from class and gave them their speech or language therapy schedules. They were so young and still overwhelmed, so they accepted the schedules and came at their appointed times.
As sophomores, they begin to become more comfortable. Often, this was the age where some introspection had taken over. They would begin to question the need for speech or language services.
Student:"My PE coach says that I talk just fine, I don't know why I have to come to speech."
Me: "Your articulation is fine, you are in language therapy...the fact that I have failed to teach you the difference is why you are still attending therapy. "
By the time they were Juniors- they had begun to mature in the art of negotiation...Although in a sullen manner.
Sullen Student: " I TOLD YOU, Fourth period is bad for me, I have geography and we have a project...couldn't we just skip this week? Even my Mom wants to know why I am in speech...NO DON'T call her...she has to work. FINE- I'll just come...WHATEVER!"
Finally, as seniors, a sense of maturity begin to blossom. The relationship would change.
Student: "Could you please help me with the vocabulary in English class- I am not doing great in that class." or "Could I practice my presentation in speech?" or "Could you attend my senior project presentation?"
As the maturity begin to unfold- the requests became more reasonable and based on a well-thought out process. "Could I be grouped with Leslie? We are both working on the same things and she is my friend? Also, we can't come during 4th period- but, we will come during 6th. Please remember to call the teacher and tell her."
Many of my previous clients have become my "friends" via facebook, etc. As we "chat" about their aspirations, challenges, and new lives- I can't help but feel a bit of nostalgia and am awestruck relentless march of time.
I cherish the moments that I had with these precious spirits and souls. I wish them lives filled with love, health, and joy.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

We Are Family

My family came to visit- we met them at the Wydham Orlando Resort.
Floated around the Lazy River- watched fireworks, played putt-putt
spent some time in the awesome suites. The best part was getting to see my family.
We spent a fab time with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins at Universal- So, can I tell you that my aunt is my hero right now- She rode "The Hulk" with me- didn't even debate it- just did it. And my Uncle was an awfully good sport about Scott lying to him regarding the possibility of staying dry on the water rides.

Uncle: "Do you get wet on that ride?"
Scott: " Only if you sit in certain seats, you'll be okay."
Uncle: "Okay let's ride"

After the ride
Scott: "Sorry man, I didn't know that everyone got wet."
Uncle: " It was fun!"

Repeat this conversation 4 times.

I got to meet my cousin's wife and their precious girl-Saw my 2nd little cousin ride his first huge roller coaster, and spent time just being.

I don't want summer to end!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Zoku is so cooooool (Sorry coudnn't help it)

Bought the Zoku- very awesome- I was concerned about the amount of money that I spent on it. But not anymore because we love it!
Made 6 Popsicles in 20 minutes. & they were yummy!
We used two flavors for our first pops. Watermelon, coconut water (from Vita Coco), and agave for layer one.

Blueberries, coconut water, and agave for layer 2.

Use a flexible measuring cup, poor in the goodness and 12 minutes later- delicious pops!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It is a Zoo Out There....

There is a woman that I know. I will call her "Marsha." When our paths cross- she looks at me like this:Then, I am all like this:
Then, she looks at me like this:
& finally, I am like, "whatever."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Air Force One-

The tour guide indicated that this (the first) Air Force One was technologically state of the art. Now, however, the newer model was designed with luxury in mind.
Kennedy and his family spent time on this plane.
These are cockpit shots.

This was a lavatory up front. Notice the air fresheners --"stick ups!"

More communication.
Behind the curtain is a microwave. Had to have been one of the first ones.

A picture of President JFK and the First Lady exiting the plane.

President's on board office, with phone, and hat rack.
Presidential Lavatory with Doggie Door.

Extra seating.
The overheads pull down into bunking areas.

Typewriter in annex office area.