Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Seeing Granma

My Granma lives with dementia- Her short term memory is on a loop. Her long term memory is generally more reliable. Conversations with her are always a gift. She provides unexpected pockets of clarity...and sometimes hilarity. Her comments are insightful and refreshingly honest. This combined with the wisdom of her years.
It has been at least 10 months since I have been able to see her- As I rounded the corner, I recognized her profile. She was in her wheel chair, gazing into the dining room. She had not seen me yet. I exhaled and took a moment to watch her in thought.
Finally, I made a wide berth in front of her, so she could she me coming. I knew the moment that she recognized me. Her blue eyes widened with joy and her face lit up with such happiness. My face reflecting the same. It was as if our spirits met and joyfully embraced before I was able to physically touch her.

As I finally was able to hug her, kiss her, and held her hands...she whispered "it has been so long." Pockets of clarity.
I love Grams!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww just awesome cuz !!! It was the same feeling the last time I got to see her and the 1st time that she recognized Emma from past pictures.