Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We have always opened our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. Santa comes Christmas Day.This is a good thing- because Chandler was complaining of heart palpitations last night. He said that they would ease up if he could open just one gift.
I told him to take deep breaths- & go to bed. :-)
Nothing says Christmas like a Glock.

Just puts a smile on a young man's face.
Puzzling child...or puzzled child...Christmas Magic- Merry Christmas!!!-

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas in the USA

700 lights, 8 hours, and a trillion ornaments later...
I am loving being home.
The Gingerbread house has been constructed and mostly eaten.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We will have moved 3 times in the past 14 Months. 2 of these will be International. I have come to some conclusions.

1. We generate more garbage than 4 other families combined.
2. Really- we do.
3. It takes estrogen to organize and initiate the moving events...
4. Really- it does.
5. If you have to spend the whole day organizing and packing and cleaning...don't go to the best French Restaurant and over indulge...on wine and food....the night before.
6. Really- don't.
7.....Ummm- One more thing- If you choose to store your mop bucket outside- Turn it upside down.-
8...REALLY- do this- because if you don't- a pretty gray mouse will crawl into it & then it will rain...& then the stupid thing will drown...and you will be grossed out and sad- at the same time. And all the food and wine will start bubbling in your belly.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Irish Halloween

Chandler went trick or treating tonight. After he came home- I initiated our annual tradition of sorting through the loot. I don't do this to keep him from tainted food. He is old enough to know what not to eat. I do it because he doesn't eat chocolate...and I do. Bonus. I do it quickly, because Scott and I will fight for the best chocolate. Gotta be fast, strong, and clever.
Goodie bags of fruits, peanuts, crisps (potato chips), and sweets (candy.)

Thankfully, children being intentionally poisoned or harmed by tampered with foods is not a concern here. Seriously, not even thought of....
1, 5, & 20 cent pieces were common gifts. The Special K Bar was mine- from this morning----
This bag has Mega Mouse- very good light crispy salty yumminess. Chandler said that many people expect trick or treaters to perform for their treats. Apparently they did some dancing, joking telling, etc.
Peanuts and taffy-like candy

Lots of loot on a messy table...
My scary baby...Yes, that is lavender- it is still drying....remember? From the Great Harvest?
Those hands are freaky. Did I mention that the 2 euro store totally rocks?
There he is...please- ignore the messy messy home. There are a number of reasons that the home is in disarray. 1. We can't figure out when to put out the different colored bins for garbage and recycling....There are four freakin' bins and each has it's own "day."
2. We are in the process of packing for the move back.
3. I don't feel like straightening.
4. I am way too lazy to edit photos. I used to edit ALL photos for my readers. But really, I can't keep up the appearances anymore. Besides, you are going to see what we really look like in a matter of weeks....

Monday, October 26, 2009

St. Stephen's Green- Dublin

Today is a Bank Holiday in Ireland. That means a day off for me---yeah baby!!!
Mark's & Spencer in Dublin...yum yum!!

A man fighting a fake wind storm.
Scott & I looking at the pond @ St. Stephen's green.

Chandler- Pensive----
Vanna...I mean Scott is showing the map.
Main Entrance to St. Stephen's Park
Chan is embarrassed by Scott's little beret thing..
I think he looks handsome.
St. Stephen's Shopping Center
Has a glass roof-
The main entrance to St. Stephen's Shopping Center. I don't know the man- He probably didn't want to be in the photo- Don't blame him.

Walking down the alley towards- St. Stephen's
Scott looks like he is pain- he is not. He LOVES my ideas for day trips. He is having fun.
The man behind Chandler is not a statue- He is a live man.

See! He changed his pose!

There is a fantastically fun Sushi place in Dublin- City Center.
The sushi travels by you on a conveyer belt. You chose what you want- prices vary according to bowl color- They total your bill according to the color of your empty bowls.
The faucets have fizzy water and flat water- free running.

What a fantastic day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Favorite Speech and Language Goals of the Week...

For Client:
Patient will produce and articulate the 1rst and 3rd syllable in the word "ridiculous" with 100% accuracy over 3 sessions.

For Myself:
Clinician will cease from giggling hysterically when client calls her "dick less" 100% of the time over remaining sessions.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Road Home...

We are excitedly preparing for the move back home. Well, maybe we are excitedly thinking of the need for preparation for the move back home. Putting our ducks in a row...looking at the availability of airplane tickets. Contacting various (okay 1) mover (s) for a quote. Wondering how to phrase our vacating letter to the landlord. I am embarrassed to realize that my fourth visit to our gym is to tell them that I need to cancel our membership.

I will be deciding which items to place on Craig's List and which items to just ditch.
Like the canned hot dogs that Scott bought at the Grocery store. No, not Vienna sausages. Canned hot dogs. Do those get abandoned? Feed to the dog? Left for the new tenant?

As I prep, it seems natural to look back at the past year & its memories. Okay, I am procrastinating....
Look- Christmas in Dublin.
St. Patrick's Cathedral? I think...
The Japanese Gardens in Kildare.
Probably the Liffey.
Me trying to block Chan's view of art in Paris.
Oh la la.
I could keep adding pics- But. it is time to actually do more than think about getting organized. Let me know if you want the canned hot dogs. mmmmm

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Can you dig it?...Yes I can...I've been waiting such a loooooong time...."

The CoCo Market in Dun Laoghaire on Sundays

I have been trying to get to this outdoor Market for 3 Sundays now. We made it today!
It is in People's Park.
Below is the Tea Room.
People's Park is on the Coast- in Dublin.
There was a huge variety of food vendors- Croatian, Italian, Lebanese, Polish, Gaelic, etc.
People dancing, People laughing.

A man selling ice cream....singing Italian songs.

A teen-aged boy sitting alone....with his Ipod, Ignoring his silly moooooooom. (Click on the pic- you can see Chan in the center)

The ride home.