Monday, October 26, 2009

St. Stephen's Green- Dublin

Today is a Bank Holiday in Ireland. That means a day off for me---yeah baby!!!
Mark's & Spencer in Dublin...yum yum!!

A man fighting a fake wind storm.
Scott & I looking at the pond @ St. Stephen's green.

Chandler- Pensive----
Vanna...I mean Scott is showing the map.
Main Entrance to St. Stephen's Park
Chan is embarrassed by Scott's little beret thing..
I think he looks handsome.
St. Stephen's Shopping Center
Has a glass roof-
The main entrance to St. Stephen's Shopping Center. I don't know the man- He probably didn't want to be in the photo- Don't blame him.

Walking down the alley towards- St. Stephen's
Scott looks like he is pain- he is not. He LOVES my ideas for day trips. He is having fun.
The man behind Chandler is not a statue- He is a live man.

See! He changed his pose!

There is a fantastically fun Sushi place in Dublin- City Center.
The sushi travels by you on a conveyer belt. You chose what you want- prices vary according to bowl color- They total your bill according to the color of your empty bowls.
The faucets have fizzy water and flat water- free running.

What a fantastic day!

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