Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Road Home...

We are excitedly preparing for the move back home. Well, maybe we are excitedly thinking of the need for preparation for the move back home. Putting our ducks in a row...looking at the availability of airplane tickets. Contacting various (okay 1) mover (s) for a quote. Wondering how to phrase our vacating letter to the landlord. I am embarrassed to realize that my fourth visit to our gym is to tell them that I need to cancel our membership.

I will be deciding which items to place on Craig's List and which items to just ditch.
Like the canned hot dogs that Scott bought at the Grocery store. No, not Vienna sausages. Canned hot dogs. Do those get abandoned? Feed to the dog? Left for the new tenant?

As I prep, it seems natural to look back at the past year & its memories. Okay, I am procrastinating....
Look- Christmas in Dublin.
St. Patrick's Cathedral? I think...
The Japanese Gardens in Kildare.
Probably the Liffey.
Me trying to block Chan's view of art in Paris.
Oh la la.
I could keep adding pics- But. it is time to actually do more than think about getting organized. Let me know if you want the canned hot dogs. mmmmm

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