Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mel the Mallard-He is my favorite duck.
Scott just wants to feed ducks. Chandler has always got lots of plans. He forgets, we are not his playmates...Is this an only child thing?
Mean Muskogee- He is attacking Mel. The Muskogees are crankier than Mallards, especially when it comes to bread.

That is all I've got for today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend @ Lake Louisa- A Chronology

We arrive & Scott insists that he his being bitten by ants. Ants in our cabin. I say, "quit exaggerating." He takes a bad picture of his bite- to prove it. Then, I look @ the kitchen counter....
& the cabinet side...
So, We moved to a different cabin. Which was very nice.
Scott & Chan grillin'
Cabin #5 is the best.

We put out our bathing suites & were ready to jump into the lake. Then Chan reads the sign, "No Swimming Allowed." posted by the Dept. of Health.
We debated.
Me: "How bad could it be?! We just swam in this water 2 months ago."
Chan: "Mooooom, it says "No Swimming." [He is SUCH a rule follower]
Scott: "IDK...maybe they put the sign up because they don't have a life guard."
Me: "I am not sure...there aren't any life guards at DeSoto & Caledesi....the signs usually read, "Swim at your own Risk"....
Chan: "I think that we should just go ride bikes."
Me: "Chan, quiet, I am trying to think."
Scott: "Maybe if we just don't go under the know?"
Me: "Hey, this water is the same color as it was 6 weeks ago...they said that it was natural tannins."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Chicago Bears....

What can I say? You owe me tons of candy. You would not believe the amount of Candy bets that I placed with my clients. I bet BIG chocolate on this game. Now, I've gotta go to Sam's Warehouse to get it.

Do you know how hard it is to support you in Buccaneer Town?! I am going to have to listen to the lame "I told you so" comments & eat crow.
It is just so sad...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can you feel the Excitement?!

It is almost time for the big game? The Brawny Bears versus
the baby bucs---

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

I am having problems with cohesive thinking and expression- So I am just going to post some of my most recent thoughts & activities.

1. The Pioneer Woman has the best Apple Dumpling recipe. Did you know if you substitute blueberries for apples, the recipe still rocks?! It is true & I am baking those baby blueberries right now.

2. Scott & I went to the grocery store after the game tonight. We had just about finished & I said, "Do you have $, because, I didn't bring any." He didn't. I circled the grocery store with my full cart (4 times) while Scott returned home for his wallet. Good times.

3. For 6 years, Scott & I have been trying to go to Hillsborough River State Park...It is only 35 -40 minutes away. For some reason, we never quite made it there. We would try to go & end up stopping @ another park on the river, or another path, or go the wrong direction, or argue about how freakin' hot it was and turn around and go home. Well, today, with the help of Garmin- WE MADE IT!!! It is not a difficult park to find. It is a nice park- not really a wait 6 years to see it nice, but nice enough. Great trails, clearly marked, neat deer, armadillos, etc.

4. I found out the Rosetta Stone offers a course in "Irish" for lots of moola. Do you think that that it is "Gaelic?" IDK.
Clearly, it is time to eat Blueberry Dumplings & go to bed...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football season has begun...

Today we escaped to Rainbow tube....& enjoy nature sounds. The temperature was above 90 degrees. The springs are somewhere around 73. Very nice. I heard birds chirping, children laughing, trees rustling, and Gene Deckerhoff announcing.
Who? you ask...Gene who? Doing what? You read correct. I heard Gene Deckerhoff announcing...a football game....the Bucs versus St.'s game. You see, my husband made me stop at Radio Shack on the way to the Springs. He picked up a transistor radio so that he could float down the spring and listen to the game. The radio was balanced on his belly the entire float. He never actually got out of his tube and into the water.
I was irritated. It wasn't Gene. I like Gene's voice and his announcing is second to none. However, the bucs haven't been the same for me since....Dungy- Now he is with the Colts. & I was always a Bear's fan anyway...Well, since the mid-80s and the whole Super Bowl Shuffle. Who could resist the Super Bowl Shuffle? Not I.
Then, Urlacher became the Bear's golden child...& he is from UNM- Can you believe it? I went to UNM. Just a few years (decades) after Urlacher...but I bet he took the same classes as I did. We could of studied together.

Anyway, As much as I like the Bears, or Coach Dungy- I wouldn't sit with a radio on my belly during a tubing. But, my husband is a loyal fan.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gem of the Week

Thinnest Teenaged Boy-Ever. Sullenly sits during Language therapy-

Him: "Mrs H. uhmmm, Can I talk to you about something serious?"

Me: "Okay..."

Him: " I have a problem with you pulling me from PE, I need my PE class."

Me: "Is there a test today? Are you being penalized for not dressing out?"

Him: "No, it is just that childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past couple of decades and I don't want to be a statistic."