Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend @ Lake Louisa- A Chronology

We arrive & Scott insists that he his being bitten by ants. Ants in our cabin. I say, "quit exaggerating." He takes a bad picture of his bite- to prove it. Then, I look @ the kitchen counter....
& the cabinet side...
So, We moved to a different cabin. Which was very nice.
Scott & Chan grillin'
Cabin #5 is the best.

We put out our bathing suites & were ready to jump into the lake. Then Chan reads the sign, "No Swimming Allowed." posted by the Dept. of Health.
We debated.
Me: "How bad could it be?! We just swam in this water 2 months ago."
Chan: "Mooooom, it says "No Swimming." [He is SUCH a rule follower]
Scott: "IDK...maybe they put the sign up because they don't have a life guard."
Me: "I am not sure...there aren't any life guards at DeSoto & Caledesi....the signs usually read, "Swim at your own Risk"....
Chan: "I think that we should just go ride bikes."
Me: "Chan, quiet, I am trying to think."
Scott: "Maybe if we just don't go under the know?"
Me: "Hey, this water is the same color as it was 6 weeks ago...they said that it was natural tannins."

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