Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Peeper

This week, our next door neighbor informed Scott that basically her husband had been peeping through our bedroom window. She asked him if we could get the window covered. The window is a high window. You would have to want to peep to peep.
He assured her that we had ordered new coverings for all of the windows- we are just waiting for delivery and installation.
Meanwhile, I used some of Chandler's wrestling mats to block the view of any prying eyes. They actually are so black, that they make the window a mirror. You can see the reflection of the neighbors swamp cooler & their blinds.
Anywho, we have had a problem with a nosy neighbor before...& Scott usually nipped it in the bud by performing a special commando dance for her. Maybe he learned it in the Marines. But, the performance is ...noteworthy and hilarious.
I left a tip jar out for him- in case he feels the need to do it again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

First, the pictures for your main photo and your background are just so breathtaking.
Secondly, I miss you. ALOT. Move back.
Thirdly, those hiking pictures don't even look like Chandler. High school must have grown him up. It didn't work for my class.
Fourth(ly?), if you two weren't "beautiful people" you would not have peepers. I've never even had a glancer. Thank God for wrestling mats I guess. Lucky;-)