Saturday, September 18, 2010

A synopsis and compilation -

If you have to think twice before giving someone your cell number...just err on the side of caution.

7:00 am- Nancy- " Hi"
7:30 am - Nancy- "Hi"
8:15 am- Nancy- "Hi"
8:45 am- Phone rings- It is Nancy- I let it go to voice mail. No message.
10:00 am- Nancy - "Hi"
11:00 am- Me- "Hi Nancy- How are you doing?"
11:01 am- Nancy- "Why are you texting me?"
11:45 am- Me - "You sent me some texts."
12:00 am Nancy- "Hi"
1:00 pm- Me- "Hi Nancy, you have to quit texting me today- Okay?" I have to work now.
1:00 pm- Nancy- " I'm mad at you."
1:01 Pm - Me " Sorry, talk with you later."

11:00- 1:30 am- Nancy - "Hi" 8 times.
1:30 am Scott to Nancy- " Nancy, this is Mr. H. It is inappropriate to text this often or this late. Please stop!"
1:35 am Nancy to Scott- "Sorry Pal."

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Anonymous said...

This isnt the same one that was texting ya atthe wonderful world of the mouse now is it ?