Sunday, December 14, 2008

Castletown House in Celbridge

What impressed Scott & I the most
about this place was that at one time, the owners (husband and wife) were 20 & 15 years of age. If only.......

We went Castletown House in Celbridge. It was built in the 1700's- You can google the history- a lot of stuff written on the home & it is fascinating. You can park in the town center of Celbridge and walk up a beautiful tree-lined path to the castle. Or you can drive around the castle grounds and park next to the castle Car Park (Parking Lot). We couldn't find the entry to the Car Park- After repeated and lengthy attempts- we just parked & walked.

This steam is very close to the castle.

Chandler is hungry, but still smiles.

Side view of Main Entry. In the old servant's quarters/area- there is an awesome restaurant with the absolute best tea and yummiest tartlets.

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