Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Heywood Gardens
( I took following information from the website above)
"Heywood Gardens
Heywood Gardens is the site of two garden types: the great park created by Frederick Trench in the late 1700s and the small interlocked formal gardens created by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll in the early 1900s.
After Trench built Heywood House in 1773, he landscaped the area between his house and the village of Ballinakill. Inspired by his Grand Tour of Europe, Trench moved hills, dug lakes, planted trees and placed follies. His results were considered to be the most exquisite romantic landscape of their time.
In the early 1900s, Colonel Hutchenson Poe hired the eminent architect Sir Edwin Lutyens to create formal gardens around Heywood House. The gardens were probably landscaped by Gertrude Jekyll. Although the house is gone, the gardens are among the best surviving example of Lutyens’ work in Ireland." These gardens were the most beautiful landscape that we have seen - hands down.

Scott & I taking a rest- We thought we had to climb up to this---but later found a paved path...we are dorky.

We were throwing coins in for wishes & Scott missed the water altogether. oooops.

Too pretty for words.

Lots of rolling hills.

We exhausted Chandler.

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