Friday, June 18, 2010

Never Been To Washington...

This is the tree on Spokane River running along Gonzaga University campus.

It has been marked forever with our initials.
Because- everyone else marked it, I felt the need. Now I understand why the dogs feel compelled to mark territory after one another.
These are Muskrats- didn't know what they were- but now we know.
There are lots of these muskrats ...or are they muskrats??? I don't know....
Chandler laughing because I thought that a piece of poop was aerated pellet of grass...and picked it up.
Looking at the campus of the University
Campus pieces

& a wonderful relief from the southern tropical heat.

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Thoughts from the Deep End said...

Relief from southern tropical heat? Ummmm you DO realize that it is June and it appears that you have chosen to vacation in a place that has forced you to wear jackets and hats!!! Did I mention it's JUNE?! Have fun! (better you than me! lol!)