Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lie to me...or don't...I won't know....

While driving with Chan to his movie date:

Me: Chan- who are you meeting at the movies?

Chan: Tersely- "Someone."

Me: "A girl?"

Chan: "Yes mom, a girl."

Me: "Do I know her?"

Chan: Irritated- "No Mom- you don't"
Me: "Aha...I can tell by the way were lips are pursed that I know her....hmmmm. Is she from ROTC? Does she attend [your highs school]?"

Chan: "No Mom, she is not in ROTC...and yes, I go to school with her."

Me: "LIAR- SHE is in ROTC...I can tell the way you exhibited a vocal tremor!

Chan: Quietly shaking his head...well, sort of disgustedly shaking his head....

Me: "Are you dating a guy?"
Chan: Exasperated- "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Me: "Nothing- I just got your truth baseline."

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