Sunday, January 23, 2011

Walking the Rio Grande

Albuquerque's valley has a series of irrigation ditches or canals. Basically, the water from melting snow in the mountains is collected and distributed among the ditches. I was lucky to grow up in a home that was on "the ditch" and we were able to utilize the water to irrigate our lawn, gardens, and ourselves. I don't know how clean the water is now...but as a kid- we played in the ditch water the entire summer. There are rules for playing in ditch water. We were allowed to play in the little canal bordering our back yard. However, that canal was fed by water directed from a bigger ditch...and then there is the BIG ditch- Which is the Biggest of the three. We were never allowed to walk the border of or play on or near the BIG ditch. So I did on the sly. Sometimes..
Next to the Rio Grande, There is a "little" ditch and the BIG ditch.
This is the Rio Grande in the Winter.
When younger, in the summers, we used to walk past the ditches, through the brush, and into the Rio Grande. With a Pony Keg.
Walking on the Rio Grande is a different experience each time- depending on the time of year and who is with you.
Usually, I focus on nature. When Scott is with me- He likes to focus on the "missiles" that are being denoted on the east and west side of the city. He convinces me that we are sending practice missiles to oceans.... or worse. Then, I remember- I grew up here.
This type of activity occurs almost hourly. There is a huge military presence here. The "missiles" are just one of many odd novelties of living here-that I choose to ignore.

Instead, I focus on the little dot up in the sky - that is an identifiable flying object.
The hot air balloon. I love this place.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I sooooo remember the canals. Playing in that water god only knows how clean it really was hahaha. To this day I still remember walking back with the wrench along your street when lightning came within a foot or two of me and then struck your house while your dad was in the back yard with a shovel in his hands. Me thinkin whooaaaaa that was freakin close.
Your still alive cousin
Mark hahahaha