Saturday, April 16, 2011

Note to MMA Mamas

Little league doesn't really prepare you for watching your offspring fight in MMA.
No one mentions this, so if you are a Mama, who has a child...and your baby decides to like MMA...just be forewarned. While you are watching the fights, you may feel the Mama Bear in you...and she may want to pummel your child's opponent.
Also, you will sit beside your child as s/he is preparing to fight. And you will say supportive things, and try to appear calm. But your jaw will be clenched, and your muscles will be tight, and you will feel like vomiting.
And if you are lucky MMA mama, YOUR mama will be with you...and she will share feelings and empathize with your anxieties...and she will also want to pummel her grandchild's opponent.

Gotta love it when family sticks together.

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