Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Evil Stinging Nettle

This is a good plant-

If you rub this plant on affected areas...

It helps to relieve the burning and itching caused by this plant.

We learned this while on a walk yesterday- I'll give you the down-low-
Tracy: I smell mint, do you think that there is spearmint growing here?
Scott: I smell it too. I think that it is that plant there.
Tracy: Maybe- I don't remember it having thistles though.
Scott: I'll pick some.
Scott: Tracy this is really burning- TRACY, this is ()(*&&^%$ painful.
A neighbor came and taught Scott about the remedy plant- which grows near the evil plant. The remedy provides temporary relief.
The evil plant evidently causes discomfort for about 24 hours. or so I've heard...for 23 hours.

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