Friday, June 5, 2009

Amsterdam- Military Man and MiniMe

Scott is very organized and efficient. Once a Marine, always a Marine. If Chandler or I flounder or hesitate in anyway- Scott steps in and takes over the task- This works for me. I often use it to my advantage. He probably thinks that I am very...simple. He ends up completing many of my "hard" tasks.

Chandler, however, likes to figure things out for himself. He has decided to challenge the Marine. The interactions between the two are noteworthy. The entire trip, Chandler took an inordinate amount of time to lock up his bike & absolutely refused Scott's assistance.

As Chandler is locking up his bike- he is letting Scott know his opinion on ....everything.
But, Scott keeps laughing- which increases Chandler's verbal tirade.

Until Chan realizes that we've been waiting on him for 10 minutes- Then he starts to chuckle too.

Then, Chan notices that I am documenting the entire exchange. Then, I get the "look."

Finally, Chan accepts some help.

& Some Instruction-

Ah- Peace.

Our hotel view- Moevenpick Amsterdam- We truly enjoyed our stay there.

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joe hall said...

Somehow I thought Chandler was about 30 ... must be the climate.