Saturday, June 13, 2009

Elton John in Thomond Park

Last Saturday we had a wonderful time attending Elton John's performance at Thomond Park. I don't know how he put on such a fab performance. This place is an open air facility and the weather was ....terrible. Blowing, cold, rain.

Our bus back to the hotel was one of those double decker tour buses. - We got stuck up on the top, in the freezing, blowing rain. We sat on drenched seats and were being pelted by the wet drops. We got stuck in traffic for a good 30 minutes. Finally, the bus was able to maneuver out of the traffic and we picked up some speed. Because of the wind and speed, the umbrellas of our fellow passengers started ripping apart and the metal rods became flying torpedoes. Then, the men standing in the back were almost hit in the head by low bridges.

Luckily, we were with great group of people. One even (jokingly) attempted to be our tour guide. Yelling out points of interest on the she was ducking metal rods and swearing. We ended up laughing so hard I almost peed.

Good times!

Chandler tried to video the bus ride- It fuzzy- but you get the idea...

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Good Times.... Good Times...