Sunday, October 26, 2008

Changing Times

Grand Plan:

During our many preparation activities for our impending move- We came up with a fantastic plan. We have decided to start to adjust ourselves to the time change. We will be going to bed @ 6:00 p.m. Our alarm will be set for 3:30 am at the latest. This, I thought would be easy because our current living situation encourages us to eat dinner @ 4:30-5:00 pm-

I was going to let my friends and family know about my new schedule- Just so that no one is puzzled by the new sleeping hours....But, progress has been disappointing.

Day 1

Plan initiated- Slow start, went to bed @ Midnight with full intentions of awaking @ 5:00 am. Got out of bed @ noon.

Day 2
Bed @ 1:30 a.m. Up @ 10:30 a.m.
*&#( Rays Game- Stayed up until Midnight- Woke up for day @ 5 a.m.

Day 4
Bed @ ???- Rays are on TV
Call whenever...This plan is progressing in a familar my "no junkfood" plan, and the "work out every day plan."

1 comment:

Thoughts from the Deep End said...

I love your plans!!!
I do, however, feel some sort of strange satisfaction that you are as much of a loser as me...
Not Really...
Yes I am...