Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brussels, Belgium

Manneken Pis- The little peeing boy- My father had a bottle opener of this guy's likeness. It mortified me growing up. Yesterday, I bought one just like it.
You know how you imagine a place in your head- & then, the reality of the situation is totally different? Well, this wasn't like that AT ALL.
In Middle School, I did my first real report on Belgium. From the encyclopedia, I learned that Belgium was known for its lace, chocolate, and beer. I learned about the areas history, population, languages, and food. Brussels was freaky in that it matched up to my childhood imagination. Grolier Encyclopedia must of done a heck of a job describing. Kudos- This is an area within the Grand Place. The Grand Place is the Central Market Square- this is where I spent the majority of my time.

Chandler on the balcony of our hotel room. The hotel was Hotel Le Plaza on Aldophe Maxlaan. We liked the place.

Umm, Did I mention that I had a fantastic Birthday this year?

Anywho- We also went to the Comic Museum-

Chandler at the Comic Museum- Choosing a book to read.

Chan & Scott at the Comic Museum

A Christian King--

Back @ the Comic Museum--

I like this one- because Chandler HATES chocolate- We went to the Chocolate Museum. I have to admit, the only fun in going was torturing Chan. It was pretty boring.

Chandler at the Atomium- This structure has nine spheres and is a model of an iron cell. (magnified). People can take elevators up to the spheres and look out over the city.

Chandler & I reading the maps---

Brussel's Arc de Triumphe-

Chan & I navigating the alley.

After 4 days of togetherness...

What I liked-

1. LOVED the trillion Chocolate Shops- Never imagined that distinct differences offered at each one.

2. In Grand Place, there is a deli named-"Fripiers"- The food was fresh, delicious, and reasonably priced.

3. Grand Place- Truly beautiful and fantastic shopping.

4. Lace- beautiful handmade items-

5. Waffles- There were many waffle stands and took us about a day to "Snap" oh YEAH "Belgium Waffles!" Duh---My exposure to Belgium Waffles had been limited to the Village Inn variety. It never occurred to me that they had originated in or were actually popular in Belgium.

5. The beer. I loved the trillion types of beer. How could I forget the beer?
6. The Police- There are those of you who know that I like to call the Popo. Well, I noticed that there were Dutch and French Popo in Belgium. Fantastic- I felt comfortable know that I could call either or both...should the need didn't. But I liked that they were visible and available.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha ohhh yea. Thats where those waffles come from!! Happy birthday Tracy. Now where are my fine samples of that chocolate from afar hmmmmm ??? Tell Chan n Scott ehhh from us in Texas