Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday Bust

Scott has been telling me for YEARS that he wanted to learn Spanish. For years.

" I have always wished that I knew Spanish."
"Too bad you don't know more Spanish. If you did you could teach me..."
"Tracy, have you seen the Rosetta Stone program...I bet it would be great for Spanish."
"Chandler, I regret not learning Spanish. You should focus on Spanish."

So, with his Birthday coming up...I thought Rosetta Stone would be a great gift.

Then, I started second guessing myself. Maybe a self tutorial isn't the greatest of gifts...for one's Birthday. I decided to "feel Scott out." Ask a few questions, give a few hints, and see how he reacts.

Consequently, the Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish Program is being returned. Now I know.

This left me I without a main gift...with S's Bday on Saturday. I decided that Sam's has plenty of fantastic electronics that would be more "Birthday worthy." Quickly, I ordered a surprise something that is fun and noneducational. I patted myself on the back. Went on to enjoying my Sunday.

Phone rings. Scott answers. It is the Fraud Dept. of the Credit Card that I used. Wanting Scott to verify the item ordered and confirm the charge.

I give up.

Happy Birthday Babe...Love ya!

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