Wednesday, May 16, 2012

180 Days @ The SNF

It has been a loooong time- But I am starting a  new segment on the blog.  I work in a long-term care facility -Each day of work the unique group of people and residents enrich my life via their words or actions.  It is my hope to document at least one of these moments for a day for 180 days.
Day 1:
Resident:  (50 something year old male, uses a walker, has had a stroke)- "I thought that when I got out of here, you could take me to the park everyday to sell pot."
Me:  "Not going to happen."
Resident:  "Good, I'll find someone else, you were dropped on your head as a baby.  You'd probably call the cops anyway
Me:  [speechless with exasperated expression]
Resident:..[shrugs his shoulders]  "sorry 'bout that."

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