Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Remember Me?!

My discussion with a man who is upset because I had to discharge him from therapy. Let's call him "Larry."

Larry:  "Remember me?!"
(This is a ludicrous question...he knows that he is one of my favorite people.)
Me: "Yes...La.."
Larry: (Interrupting me)  "Of course you don't, you forgot my name, because you quit me."
Me:  "Larry, I didn'...."
Larry: "You poor thing, you forgot me...where are you going?"
Me:  "To see a patient."
Larry:  "Who?"
Me:  "Can't tell you."
Larry:  "I'll follow you."
Me:  "Why?"
Larry:  "To tell her that your gonna quit her too..not to be surprised when you quit her after 30 or 60 days."
Me: "Bye Larry, miss you."
Larry:  (Grinning) "Miss you too."

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