Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back in Paris

So, we went back to Paris- I kid- these are old pics to keep things fresh- we went back IN MY DREAMS! This was taken from the 2nd level of the Eiffle Tower-
Again, from the Tower-

I don't remember where this was taken...Send me an email if you recognize & I'll label it.

Never made to Waterford- the tour was still closed for the weekend. Also, we have had a significant amount of sad news about family members back in the States. We are coping with the news and outcomes, making plans, and nursing head colds, etc. So, all travel has been put on hiatus.

Notre Dame Sorry about the blur- It didn't look blurry on my computer & the thing took a very long time to upload- So I am keeping it.

More Notre Dame
Take care- Maybe I'll send Chan out and about to take some pics!

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