Sunday, January 11, 2009

Je m'appelle Tracy- Bonjour, un, duex, trois...

Paris was wonderful. Truly.

I have taken many French Courses- Took some French in high school. In college, I just needed one more course of French and I could've had a double minor...whatever that is. So, many years later, I was very excited about practicing it in Paris. Turns out, I read French pretty well- But, my conversational French comprehension and expression is Basically, I can greet, count, say please & thank you, ask you to repeat more slowly, tell you that I don't understand, and ask you "how do you say.....". & I can say "good-bye." I cannot, however, tell a Taxi driver how to get to my hotel. In the time that it takes me to comprehend a question and try to formulate an intelligible response, the speaker has repeated the questions in English. & People look at you oddly when you ask them to write what they are saying.

On top of the Eiffle Tower.

Chandler in Front of the tower. I was happy just to see it. But Chandler insisted that we wait in the freezing cold for 90 minutes.

Notre Dame Cathedral Chandler takes pics from the top of the double decker bus- too freakin' cold for me.

Footbridge over La Seine

Looking from Musee du Louvre

Musee du Louvre

Across from the Musee du Louvre

Ceiling in Louvre

Exterior of Musee du Louvre

Arc du Triomph

Hotel Residence Foch- Which was an incredible place to stay- Beautiful!

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